Rental Scam / Nathaniel Smith Adams

Marisa – Jul 01, 2020

Victim Location 44105

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Rental

My boyfriend and I got scammed out of $500. We thought look at this house it was $550 a month is it really nice looking house so we emailed about it that was the initial contact with your email on Craigslist. Then we started texting the guy’s name so he claims is Nathaniel Smith Adams not sure if that’s his real name or not but that’s the name he gave us we was texting say everything’s good and he’s an honest-to-god man a man of God this and that I even mentioned that I almost got scammed once before and he was like all you shouldn’t think of me that way and whatever so we went through with it we use cash app to send him $500 that was most of the deposit so we can get the keys and then after we sent that we were supposed to get the keys the next morning well the next morning I didn’t get nothing. Exit show up he was sending it through FedEx well according to him there was some type of yellow tag fee or something and he needed more money to pay for it so I called FedEx and ask them they said there was nothing like that whatsoever so once I confronted the guy about this he would not text me back and then that’s when my boyfriend called me from his uncle’s house when he was at work and told me that we got scammed because this house is actually for sale through Coldwell banker so that’s my story the picture uploaded is a picture of a document he sent me about the 500 that we sent him to tell us that is secured deposit and the keys and on the bottom is a lawyer’s name he said it was his lawyer’s name that was signed on there but we can’t make out the name. He also gave me a false address for him he said it was in Las Vegas but the address I looked up as in California with a different zip code then what he gave me. The address he gave me was 650 Karina drive Las Vegas Nevada 89122. Now that address exists in San Ramon California with a different zip code.

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