Hector – Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 90277

Total money lost $66.95

Type of a scam Rental

I ordered a calculator to rent from on 01/20/20. The calculator cost a $60 down

payment that is refunded upon return of the calculator. also charges a $6.95

monthly fee. I returned my calculator on 05/28/20. I have proof of delivery with signature. never confirmed with me that they received the calculator and would stop billing me monthly or refund me. I attempted to contact them via email and phone calls over 20 times now since 06/02/20. I have not received a single response. never refunded me my $60 down payment and they continued billing me monthly. I was able to cancel my debit card before

they billed me for June. On my account, that is yet to be closed, it shows I have an outstanding, wrongful $6.95 bill for June that I expect will be sent to collections. also successfully charged me for July by contacting Mastercard and obtaining my new debit card’s information. In summary, owes me $66.95 as of 07/28/20 but is still billing me and is possibly planning on sending a collection agency after me for bill(s) I shouldn’t owe in the first place.

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