Rent Your Account – Very Important Science LLC

Meagan –

Victim Location 29745

Type of a scam Employment

This company recruits people to let them use their facebook page to run ads in the background. They send you a box to hook up to your modem, and you allow them into your facebook page with a generated code. Everyday you can earn up to $1.61 depending on the ad – and the ads last from 1 month up to/over a year. They pay you monthly, in the form of a check, at the end of each month, for the money earned from that month of you allowing them to run advertisements on your facebook page. When your ads are over, you send them back their box and then they mail you out your last check (guaranteeing they receive their box back.) You can also make money by recruiting people yourself to join their company, as well.

I received two check from this company – a small one from July, and one from August. I am now owed one from September in the amount of $49.80, and currently for October in the amount of $40.25. I have been texting and calling them now for over two weeks with no return calls/texts from the woman in charge named Jessica – nor anyone else who was working in their office. Texts remain unreturned, and phonecalls – well, they ring a few times then hang up. I finally have unhooked the box and have changed my facebook information, and sent a text to them letting them know I am contacting the because not only have they not paid as agreed, but they have not responded to me in any way. I am not the only one who they are doing this with, either – there are many others.

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