Rent to own homes Reviews - Rent to own homes Scam or Legit

Samantha –

Victim Location 78410

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I kept getting a call continuously from this phone number 1-361-717-3118. They never leave a message. I looked it up online, and the number is a land line in Aransas Pass, but does not list who the number belongs to. I finally answered, and right off the bat, the lady told me that they recieved the message that they heard that I am looking for a Rent to Own home, but that since I have trouble with my FICO score and credit, that they can fix my credit for me and get me in a Rent to Own home. She even told me that the our conversation is being monitored for "Quality Assurance". She told me that she would "put me on hold while she got her Home Financial Bank Expert on the line to ask me questions about my debts, salary, and other credit information,and apply over the phone". When I asked her what bank were they associated with, she told me "most of the local banks in our area, such as Frost, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and even smaller local banks". When she put me on hold, I hung up on them while they put me on hold! They never called back.

First of all, I am NOT looking for a home, at all! I NEVER WAS LOOKING FOR A HOME! And I am not giving any info over the phone to anybody!!!!!! So beware of this phone number, or anyone claiming that they will help you get into a home, help you qualify, help you fix your FICO score. And they are using the names of big time BANKS to get you to beleive that they work with these banks.

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