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Wayne – Jun 10, 2020

so what does one do? I think a multi action claim needs to be filed by all of us and we need to sue them!

Derrick – Jun 10, 2020

Yes, I sent them a check I believe on April 4, 2020 for s 55″ curved TV, they cashed it on the 6th of April, 2020 and I’m still waiting. So I sent several emails, and they never responded. Sent a message through their member’s site and said I wanted a refund. They responded and said if I don’t get my money by the 16th to contact them asap. So we will see.

Alisha –

Victim Location 32003

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered product online 08OCT19. After two weeks called and they said there would be an additional delay of 2-3 weeks. I requested refund and they said o.k. As of today 06DEC19 I have yet to receive a refund. They keep telling me the check has been mailed and not their phone number has been disconnected.

Everyone I talked to had an Indian accent which should have tipped me off from the beginning. I must get 4-5 scammers a day calling me and they all have Indian Accents. Just love those Mumbai Muttapuckers.

Heidi –

Victim Location 37601

Total money lost $257.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There is one man that works at this "company", he will never send you any product you buy, he takes your money, says it will take like a month to get the product or for it to ship. It will never ship, because the products don’t exist! My father is the one who purchased through this website, he somehow found the link on Amazon and saw that the same product was cheaper through this website. However, they never sent the product! And never intended to! This guy that runs this scam is just some guy sitting in his basement probably, taking all of our money and then when you cancel your order he will tell you he will MAIL you a CHECK as a refund in like 3-5 business days! My dad paid with his checking account via ACH, there’s NO REASON this guy can’t just refund it back into the checking account! You’ll never see a check or your money again. This business is not a business, it is a SCAM.

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