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Megan – Oct 22, 2020

Our experience was the same as the poster from November 2019, and this was around the timeframe we were contacted as well (in Canada). The story was they were scouting film locations. However, they never even made it as far as sending us a cheque but we could smell this was a scam from miles away. I’m sure they have changed their “name” and are continuing to run this scam.

Lucas – Mar 11, 2020

This information is absolutely wrong, i made a legit business deal with Renix Global Services which went well.
This issue has been reported to the firm as a suspicious activity trying to pull down the firm.
Investigation is on going which for the time being these post should be taking off. Thanks

Kristina –

Victim Location 55426

Type of a scam Employment

We as an accounting firm recently put up a website to help promote our business in the area and around the United States. Shortly after publishing our site we were contacted through the web site for interest in using our business services for a "project" that this person/company was going to be doing in the area in the coming months. We had several conversations using the web host service to work through questions and details. Along the way one red flag was that we were asked to use our business banking account to help facilitate the project. We were very cautious because of this but also as we looked into the web site and contact given us we were suspicious. At the same time though we deal with many small business people and entrepreneurs trying to do different things to be in business. Being "MN Nice" we moved forward with them. Eventually a check was provided to fund the "project" and was Fed Ex’d to us from Canada. We deposited in a empty account and therefore there was a several day hold to clear the bank for the total funds. On the day that the first 40% was to clear we were asked to WIRE the majority of this to a new business in N. Carolina minus $500 for our fee of doing work. We worked with our bank to do the wire and in the timeframe, came to find out that the original check had a stop payment made on it, so we never wired out the funds. When we contacted the person of the situation they never replied back to us. Also they removed some of their social media setups after the fact.

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