Renewing Serum

Bobby –

Victim Location 33956

Total money lost $356

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Free merchandise for just paying the packing shipping dollar amount ($4.95). They charged my credit card $89.95 2 months (until noticed doing bills) without authorization and with no back up invoice or packing slip to prove that I ordered the merchandise or received it. They also starting charging $88.05 for ( 2 months) merchandise not ordered or received. Items not caught because the company name was changed during the free item to the new billing item name. Not until I reported it to credit card co did I received 1 of the items out of 4 that were charged to credit card There are multiple company names they go by for this scam. Big thing was when I asked for the name of the company they told me they were not allowed to divulge (what?) that information.

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