Renew Solar

Brittany –

Victim Location 84075

Type of a scam Phishing

Got a local call from 801-335-9423. When I answered the phone the person on the other end said they were calling from some company called "Renew Solar" (or something along those lines).

After the brief intro, the caller said… "is this John-Doe?" I did NOT say "yes" however I repeated their phrase "This is John-Doe. (there was alot of background noise, it didn’t sound professional)

Remembering the "Can You Hear Me – Yes" scam, I propmptly hung up.

When I called the number back I got an operator recording saying… "Your call is important to us, please remain on the line, thank you for your patience" The call places you on a 4 or 5 minute hold and then the operator recording comes on and says… "Thank You. Goodbye".

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