Remittance Litigation Group

Jay –

Victim Location 44062

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a call from remittance litigation group, caller stated her name is Theresa Harding. She said that she was trying to collect a debt from a payday loan from 4 years ago, and that if I don’t call her back with a payment by 6 pm. she will forward this file to the district attorney of my state, and from there they will arrest me within 72 hours. Would not give me information that I asked for.

Ana –

Victim Location 73055

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They had my ss # & other personal info. Claimed I’d gotten a payday loan years ago & hadn’t paid & if I didn’t pay $374 now (but owe over $1000) they would take the "evidence" to the DA & I WOULD HAVE 2 FELONY WARRANTS OUT FOR MY ARREST. BUT THEY WOULDN’T TELLE WHAT LOAN COMPANY SAID IT WAS EVIDENCE. I called lawyer he said they can’t file charges. I also GOOGLED the company I read it’s a scam. Also the bbb said its a scam.

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