Remark Green

Dylan – Aug 18, 2020

I ordered masks from Remark Green from an Instagram ad. I took screen shots of every aspect of the offer. I got all the phony e-mails on the progress of my order. 5-10 shipping became 30 and I finally got a notice that part of my order had shipped. 2 months later the order finally arrived. I contacted Remark Green to get details on the shipment of replacement filters that I ordered and they claimed the masks I ordered did not come with replacement filters. I have screen shots of the offer, so can prove otherwise. I am now hassling with PayPal to get a refund for the products not shipped. This company is a complete scam. When I ordered my masks their site was completely filled with masks. It is not a website for promotional products. Guess they are waiting for the next big trend they can scam.

Cody – Aug 06, 2020

I ordered two butterfly mask on 4-2-20 I only received one they will not send me the other mask or refund my money I spent over fifty dollars for those mask all i ask is that they send me the other mask or refund my damn money

Adriana – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 34761

Total money lost $79.40

Type of a scam COVID-19

Remark Green advertised customized mask for protection against Covid-19. Immediately after placing the order (4/17/20), I received an email informing that my order was confirmed. Seven days (4/25/20) later I received an email advising me that my order was almost done. Two days later (4/27/20), I received an email stating that my order was complete. Then, three day later (4/28/20), I received an email that shipping was delayed due to the Corona virus and to expect it a package in (14) fourteen business days.

I started doing more research on the internet and saw that many people were having the same issues. I also saw articles labeling the company as a scam. I ask my bank to dispute the purchase since I hadn’t received my order. Within two weeks, Remark Green sent me a flimsy cloth mask that wasn’t part of my order. However, this was unfortunately a point in their favor because it allowed them to establish a shipping order; even though they didn’t ship my merchandise to me. In addition, they stated that I missed the deadline to cancel the order. If you look at the emails sent by the company and the delays, it appears to by design. The company gives themselves enough time and delays, that you will miss the cancellation. They lead you on and rip you off at the same time.

My order was placed on April 17, 2020. It is July 8, 2020 and I still haven’t received my merchandise and I am still attempting to dispute the charges.

They use the email: [email protected]

Brandy – Jul 22, 2020

Scammer’s website remarkgreen

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered two masks with personalization in May which were never received. Forty some emails later just excuse after excuse and no refund. SCAMMERS Loss of $53.00 Recommendation : Don’t buy form these criminals!

Christina – Jul 05, 2020

Victim Location 84015

Total money lost $55.47

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered 2 masks from them that were to have names embroidered on them. Ordered April 3 for $55.47. Never received. Emails say they are on the way but not.

Ashlee – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 43130

Total money lost $32.54

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered mask on 4/11/20 from Never received product. inquired about product over 10 times. told was shipped and provided a tracking number but the post office reports it was never received by any post office just the label was created. Asked for a refund via email 3 times and never got a reply. Finally told my bank about it today to get my money refunded. Still no replies from the company.

Katrina – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 29651

Total money lost $33.90

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered a mask on March 29th for my mom who works in healthcare. The website says Californa and the bank charge was from Hong Kong. I still have not received the product. I have emailed multiple times and was given an invalid tracking number. They will not issue a refund and only offer 20% off another order.

Lawrence – Jun 18, 2020

I saw an ad on Facebook and the masks looked cool. I researched the company website and it stated they were in Houston, Texas. I DID NOT want to order outside the USA! I started receiving emails stating they were very busy because of COVID and slower to process orders. After a month and a half, I received a shipment notification that was coming from CHINA! It took almost another month to receive my mask! Within days, one of the cheap plastic pieces to hold the filter in place fell off and was lost. The mask itself is cool-looking. I am going to figure something out to cover the whole for the lost piece, but I am furious they misrepresented the country of origin. It’s their fault I need to wear a mask in the first place!

Francisco – Jun 15, 2020

Bought $80 worth of masks in April and now two months later stuck with a bogus tracking number. I have tried several times to get a refund and cancel. They will lie to you and tell you can’t cancel with the products in production. You can only refund when sent back… but you never get your item! Scam scam scam! They did send me a disgusting mask that smells and I didn’t order. It’s so gross I threw it away. There was no way to even send it back! This company needs to be sued for theft and falsifying goods!

Tyler – Jun 13, 2020

payed 77.50 on 2 masks says it shipped out on may 10 the ups tracking number has not moved now it is june 12 i have call and wrote many times with no luck i have never had this before with them so pissed , now i am going down to ups and see what they can do with the tracking number i have i would never had spent that much on mask but they were cool looking i am not going to let this end i want my masks or my money back and there is no address for them if anyone knows post it

Kellie – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 98065

Total money lost $46

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered 3 masks and filters on 4/25/20 and have still not received the items. I was charged $46. I have emailed them 4 or 5 times and they continue to send email saying it should ship any day now. I started doing some research and found out that this company is scamming people out of money and no one has received their orders.

Nancy – Jun 10, 2020

Victim Location 32317

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam COVID-19

Due to the fact that it is mandatory that we wear face masks when we return to work, I decided to purchase some reusable cloth face masks. The company, Remark Green, was advertised by someone on Facebook and was one of the few organizations that had the face mask design that I desired. I ordered masks as well as replacement filters for the masks. The order was placed in April 2020, and my Debit Card was debited a couple of days later via Pay Pal. Approximately two weeks later, Remark Green sent an email indicating that the handcrafted masks were done. On the following day after receiving information that the masks were completed, I received an email indicating that due to the pandemic there would be a shipping delay. One week later after receiving information about the shipping delay, I received an email indicating that the masks and filters were on the way, and a tracking number was provided. As of June 8, 2020, I have not received any of the merchandise that I ordered and paid for. I contacted Remark Green toward the end of May to determine where my package was. I was not aware that my package was coming from China. A couple of days later, a Customer Service Representative sent an email indicating that my package has shipped and is on the way. Shortly thereafter, I received an email from another Customer Service Representative who indicated that the shipping agent was contacted to expedite delivery of my package. It is the second week of June and I have not received the masks and filters that were ordered in April. It is a shame that people spend their time and effort at ripping people off during a time of crisis rather than investing their time and effort in helping their fellow man.

Phillip – Jun 09, 2020

Victim Location 63023

Total money lost $215.60

Type of a scam COVID-19

I purchased 12 masks from this company on 9April2020 for my daughter and her coworkers to use in her medical clinic. I looked on their website a few days after the purchase because I hadn’t received an email from them. I saw that the processing time was only supposed to a couple of days and emailed them inquiring the status of my order. They emailed me back and said they couldn’t find my order number in their system and had no record of me ordering anything from them. I sent pictures of my confirmation number from when I purchased and my bank statement showing a company by the name of LUSHGOODS taking out the correct amount of money for this purchase. They emailed me back a few weeks later finally with a tracking number saying my order was on the way. I finally received a package with an address of Peter 148-08 Guy R Brewer Blvd Jamaica, NY 11434. When I opened the package up, there was only 1 mask in it. I then emailed them again and asked about the rest of my order and the woman that emailed me back stated again that my order wasn’t able to be found in her system and asked me to send supporting documents and pictures of what was received along with pictures of the packaging as well. This has been so frustrating because these were supposed to be received according to their website within about a 2 week timespan. I was just trying to do something good for my daughter and her coworkers and it seems like I got screwed out of 11 masks and the money I spent on them.

Alyssa – Jun 06, 2020

I bought my mask and filter back on 04/04/2020 and today is 06/05/2020 and I still do not have them the tracking number I was given says the are in NY and they have been there since 04/28/2020 this company is a scam from the word go

Dale – Jun 05, 2020

I ordered 2 masks on june 4th. Havent recieved anything from them one month later. Sent email and they apologized for the delay. They send me notification of mailing with a really long tracking number and stating it’s been stuck in NEW JERSEY somewhere since May 10th. I will be sending another email and contacting my card company for a refund.

Troy – Jun 05, 2020

Victim Location 33578

Total money lost $29.95

Type of a scam COVID-19

**this is another email the company, Remark Green, uses; [email protected]**

The below email is the standard email I receive EVERY time I reach out inquiring as to the status of my order:

Hannah Thompson (

May 22, 2020, 2:18:27 PM GMT+7


Thank you again for supporting our products. We highly appreciate your continued support, especially during uncertain times like this.

During the epidemic of the coronavirus, our shipping partners, USPS for instance, have taken extra precautions to protect their employees from COVID-19. As a result, there will be an overloaded circulation of goods as well as a shortage of personnel and postmen. We sincerely apologize for that.

At the time being, we are doing our utmost to ensure as little delay as possible to you. The tracking number will be updated to you automatically via email once it is available. Please allow us some time to process and deliver your order.

This is a difficult time for everyone around the world, but together we will get through this crisis. From our family to yours, we wish that you stay healthy and safe.


Hannah Thompson

Customer Service Representative

Angela – Jun 03, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE! anything! I ordered 3 masks and filters. I might as well have taken my money and flushed it. They like to send you updates at where the are in the production of your order. Once they create a shipping label you never hear anything from them ever again unless you email about your order. Then they apologize and send you a promo code to save money on your next order. Like i am going to order more items from a company that complete the first order. Going to file a complaint with my credit card company. I have all the emails they have sent me. I really needed these masks.

Tyrone – Jun 03, 2020

I ordered 4 mask in April, it’s now June 3,2020. I emailed at least 8 times and I saved every email. They apologized for the delay and offered me a discount code for my next purchase when I haven’t gotten the original order. The company is a scam. I finally got a tracking number saying my product are in Jamaica Newyork but I still don’t have my products. Will file a dispute with my credit card company.when you go back to check the page it says error page not found. I screen shot my entire transaction and email from April to may 25 the last correspondence I received from them.

Anne – Jun 03, 2020

Victim Location 33063

Total money lost $53.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Offering masks to combat the COVID – 19 Pandemic. No masks received, shipped or refunded.. Numerous emails to [email protected]

Same email response.. same "shipped but wait for tracking number" .. Order #15113 placed April 23rd. Always response from Emma Lincoln (

Mindy – Jun 02, 2020

I ordered a mask April 12th and have not received it still. I have emailed this company several time, the most recent being May 25th. I requested a refund, and have not heard from them. The shipping tracking information is very confusing, and when I pointed that out to them all they could do was offer me a discount on my next purchase. I think NOT I haven’t gotten the first order.

Krystle –

Victim Location 33301

Total money lost $53

Type of a scam COVID-19

Said they make masks in the United States. Have not received masks. They respond from a customer service address. I told them I was reporting them. May operate out of China.

Sabrina –

Victim Location 33813

Total money lost $53.66

Type of a scam COVID-19

We purchased two mask and the give a tracking number but no info

Marcus –

So sad. I ordered. $84 worth of masks April 12. It’s May 30. I’ve requested refund n go no communication. DONOT FALL VICTIM LIKE I DID

Alex –

I ordered a set of 3 cute masks in April; finally received a package and a charge on my Paypal account. The package contained 2 plain, blue masks. I disputed transaction with Paypal, who contacted company. Their offer is a refund IF and AFTER I mail the masks back to them — the address is in Hong Kong!

Haley –

Ordered on April 9. It’s currently May 29 and I have not received my order. Terrible company. Terrible terrible terrible. Save your money!

Robert –

Victim Location 74006

Total money lost $93.34

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 5 masks for use with COVID 19 on April 26, 2020. The website states "The total estimated delivery is within 10 – 15 days." I have emailed the company asking for information on my order. The first response I got was that they didn’t have the order. Once I sent the information, they said they were backed up and would send tracking shortly. I have still not received a tracking number, therefore I asked to cancel. They refused to cancel and have stopped communication. I have reported the fraud to my credit card company as well.

Tiffany –

Victim Location 08540

Total money lost $44.94

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered a mask from this company and was charged and have yet to receive it! I was charged from my banking account 44.94 from Lushgood Hong Kong. I have continually emailed this company and they continue to send false information saying it is shipping. They are a SCAM! I am reporting also to my bank!

Pedro –

Victim Location 34787

Total money lost $68.89

Type of a scam COVID-19

Due to Covid-19 requirements for masks, I ordered two masks for my husband and myself. Of course I was enticed by the personalization and the cool designs. I ordered my masks on April 22nd, for approx $70, and immediately got confirmation. They were "great" at communicating where in the creative process they were. Multiple updates, including shipping info and delays due to increased demand on the delivery services. Then, NOTHING!! I have messaged the generic support address, and received multiple emails back, regarding my order, from both Sarah Smith and Lillian Williams. Neither are helpful. They keep referring me back to my tracking number. The tracking number is from May 7th, in Rosedale, NY awaiting arrival of my package. I even reached out to the USPS to track my package and they let me know the company used a 3rd party in order to send and they couldn’t help me. Thankfully I used a CC and can call them and refute payment!

Anthony –

My experience was very similar to yours initially, however, after a month I did receive my mask. 1 day after ordering the one I finally received I ordered 2 more, I’m still waiting on them. I’m trying to remain hopeful since I did receive the first one.

Claudia –

Victim Location 75007

Total money lost $72.43

Type of a scam COVID-19

Remark Green advertised face masks on Facebook. They sent a confirmation email with an order number. However, a month later, nothing shipped and there has been no further communication in spite of emails requesting an update. Many people have posted on Facebook that they were scammed as well.

Ross –

Dispute it with you bank. I got my money back.

Clinton –

I’m having the same experience as everyone is saying..Did a little more and it’s saying my mask is in Jamaica now. No telling how long it take but it was coming from Yanwen, China ao mad that I even ordered the mask because it takes 3 months to get your order..I googled took screenshots and all..

Daisy –

Mine was saying Jamaice for weeks, now it’s saying Monroe, Township?

Armando –

My last email from them is an exact mirror of yours. Since the 18th my package is in Jamaica, NY.

Ramon –

I placed 2 orders for my entire dental staff totaling over $350 dollars, ordered early April. We never received any product. I received communication that they were shipped and tracking numbers with apology and future discount offer but all is fake. I will start dispute today with my credit card company. Do not order from them!

Jill –

I’m in the same boat as you all. I saw this site via Facebook and looked through their website and saw so many beautiful masks. They were a bit pricey but for the description of the mask, I thought it was justified. Since April 23rd, I’ve been getting many emails with updates on the process. After the email of shipping delays, I started getting weary and suspicious. I’ve contacted them a few times with concerns and got the same response of sorry, blah blah, here’s a discount code on your next purchase. Then I started getting pissed off because I knew I got scammed. After checking their site, I saw the masks were no longer online and when I would click my original link, it showed up as an error page. That did it. My last email to them was nasty. In a nut, I stated how awful they are to take advantage of people who don’t have to begin with during this pandemic. That only demons do this and then I finalized with I will report them to PayPal who was listed as Outfit Model Company Limited and to Then shortly after I got a tracking number stating it was shipped out of China and now it’s in NY. I’m sure I’m not going to get this mask but I’ve opened up a complaint with PayPal to get my money back and I’m having them formally investigated through and I suggest that you all do the same. They will track whoever is responsible. The more complaints, the better. We got to teach these scammers a lesson or two. It’s just a shame that we live in a world where people are hungry for money and will do anything for it. Stay safe people.

Roberto –

Update – Shortly after I filed a complaint through, a special agent has called me and I supplied all my communications with and he is on top of it. Apparently, many people have complained about these scammers and now they are under the scope. File a complaint!

Mindy –

I filed a complain with PayPal as well and shortly after received a tracking number. I received them in the mail today and received 2 plain blue mask instead of the one’s I ordered. I am now going to get with PayPal again to get my money back.

Blake –

I did a charge dispute through my bank and I got my money back.

Bryan –

Victim Location 23430

Total money lost $97

Type of a scam COVID-19

I spent $97 on 4 masks and never got them. I requested a refund through PayPal and when the company responded they sent PayPal a USPS tracking number that showed the order was coming from Portland, OR. A few days later I got a shipping email that had a completely different shipping number that shows it was coming from China. All I want is to get my money back. I did some research and all of the company reviews are the same as my story…a lot of money spent, no product received, and no communication from the company.

Cameron –

Ordered several face masks a month ago. Received regular email updates about the process of masks being made then the last one was 2 weeks ago claiming shipping delays due to USPS delays. Total scam!

Alan –

Victim Location 72832

Total money lost $78

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered a mask over a month ago and still have not recieved it. Almost $80 is gone. They will email back, but they keep telling me it has been shipped. When I email again, they " can’t find my order".

Brandy –

Victim Location 21921

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam COVID-19

This website offered masks for 34.95. They take your money and never send you what you’ve purchased. There is no phone number to reach them. I have emailed them multiple times with no response in the last month. This website is a scam.

Nancy –

AVOID THIS “COMPANY” AT ALL COSTS! They are running a scam from China. The company is Remarkgreen but your credit card is billed to Lush Goods. They claim they’re in TX, but your credit card is billed an international transaction fee. I ordered masks for my son on April 17th. It’s May 18th and I’m still getting e-mail updates from them telling me that shipment is delayed due to COVID-19. It’s a bunch of BS. On May 1st after the first shipping delay e-mail from them, I went online and saw many complaints about this so-called company. I alerted my bank (Bank of America) that this company is a fraud and they reversed the transaction immediately and launched an investigation. If your bank is BOA, do the same. You can report through online banking or call. Other banks may do the same.

Gregory –

Victim Location 06777

Total money lost $68

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered 2 of their face masks, because they seemed to be very effective. I am immuno-compromised, and my Mother is elderly. So we got one for each of us. It looked like a very well organized site, and there were even reviews from a lot of people saying how good the masks and the company are. My Mother’s card was charged on April 22 or 23, 2020. I received one e-mail saying the masks were being made and would ship out soon. It has been almost a month now. Also, the company name on my Mom’s account is LushGood, not Remark Green. It is just horrible to take advantage of people at a time like this.

Toni –

Victim Location 31829

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Ordered 90 dollars of mask. Recieved nothing in 2 months. Contact them sent fake tracking number.

Rose –

Unfortunately, I didn’t review this website before now. I too ordered cloth masks, paid for express delivery and 3 weeks later, I have still not received the products. The only response I received was that they have been shipped to the shipping agent. That was two weeks ago! Do not purchase from this company!

Todd –

Victim Location 14225

Total money lost $121.71

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered 5 N95 type masks from this company on April 2, 2020. Today is May 14th, 2020 and I still haven’t received the product. I contacted the company and did get an email with a tracking number which shows the product at a location in my state. That was last week. Contacted the company again this week and they again sent a tracking number with the same location. Still no delivery of product. Contacted company again and told them I was reporting them. No product received yet and have ordered from another company.

Erika –

Victim Location 92860

Total money lost $90.84

Type of a scam COVID-19

On April 13, 2020 I ordered 3 Covid masks for a total of $90.84 and as of May 15, 2020, I have not received the shipment. Since then I and my daughter have contacted them several times and the reply is always, it will ship in a few days.

My last email from them stated that the package was awaiting pickup, more than a week ago, by USPS and they provided a tracking number.

It appears this site is a scam. Their address is shown as a dirt lot on Google maps. They have removed all their masks from the website and if they answer an email the answer is always the same " package is in the mail".

Janelle –

Victim Location 48532

Total money lost $61.20

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered protective masks and promised turnaround of 7-10 business days. After over a month, requests for info on the order only get the same response: please receive 20% off your next order. There is never any info provided on the order, nor any chance to get a refund. I returned to the website today and several of the links for products come back "no page exists". I searched a few spots online and found several reviews of similar experiences with this company. Apparently, I fell for their scheme.

Chad –

Victim Location 21113

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I responded to what I thought was a legitimate business advertisement offering face masks during the pandemic. This particular option was a sports team I follow and like (Washington Nationals). The advertisement appeared on Facebook. I responded by selecting the shop option and selected the items I wanted. I responded via my cellphone and the site appeared to be legitimate. I received correspondence up until the product was "ready to ship" and now suddenly there is a delay in shipping caused by the pandemic even though the product is ready to ship. I contacted the company requesting a refund and instead was offered additional opportunities to shop. I responded with an additional request to cancel the order asap and now have not heard from the company. I believe based on my experience and additional searching online this company to be fraudulent and a scam.

Meghan –

They got me too. Ordered a mask April 5th and it billed my card under lush goods and I was also charged a foreign transaction fee. I’ve emailed the several times and get an automated response saying it is being processed for shipping and I will receive a tracking number in 2 to 3 days and gives a coupon code for a discount on my next order. Hey, at least you can get 20% off the next time they burn you!

Abigail –

Victim Location 78247

Total money lost $78.39

Type of a scam COVID-19

Item has been listed as pending shipment in Houston since 4/29. Today I received this response. If it’s in Houston, what does customs have to do with it? And why on earth do they think I will drop another dime on any of their products?!?

Evelyn Haley (

May 11, 2020, 8:29:26 AM GMT+7


We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

We always prioritize the complete satisfaction of our customers and make sure that the products reach them within the specified time limit. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the US custom has announced restrictions to transport and customs clearance, which caused the delay in shipping and cargo circulation.

As a token of our sincere apology, I will give you a 25% discount on your next purchase, please apply code OMGSAM25 when you check-out. I hope this is sufficient to solve the issue and clear any remaining inconvenience.

We are extremely sorry for what you have experienced, and we are contacting our shipping agent and making a constant effort to hasten your delivery

We will get back to you with further information.


Evelyn Haley

Customer Service Representative

Jimmy –

Victim Location 98503

Total money lost $73.65

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered 3 filtered mask on April 5 and still have not received product .

There is no contact number only generated emails . I have emailed them 3 times regarding my order and nothing , my credit card was charged .

Alyssa –

I placed an order back on April 16th and still haven’t received it. I have sent multiple emails and just keep getting this automated email. I have asked for a refund or my order and still Nothing. I can’t get any assistance.

Jordan –

Contacted my local Boston news to advise them of this

Tara –

Same i’m out $134 for Mass that I ordered on April 18 and I just keep getting generic messages there’s no phone number to contact they say they’re in New Mexico but I did a little research and my card was charged by a company called lush goods they’re out of Hong Kong so I am now very doubtful that I’m going to receive any mass it’s been so long and they just keep giving me a 20% off coupon and saying sorry for the delay does give a New Mexico address and I’m going to try and research where that is I’ll also be following this up with my bank to see if they can track down the company information that was charged I don’t know what can be done about this but I’d like to put this out there so people do not keep buying from this company! Horrible that people would take advantage of this situation! 😡

Allen –

Victim Location 10028

Total money lost $71.97

Type of a scam COVID-19

I placed an order well over a month ago with this company and I’ve been trying to contact customer service and I just keep getting a generic message offering me 20% off which is all they offer on their website telling me that the masks that I ordered were already sent out but when I look I can’t see anything past a label being created on the 22nd of April and there is no phone number and the link that the supposed person a customer service continues to send me is fake and nobody will contact me with in regards to a refund and at this point I don’t know what to do

Robyn –

Victim Location 78228

Total money lost $185

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered nearly $200 worth of masks for my family on 4/19 and after 9 business day received a “tracking number” that does not update info or give any details other than “your item has picked up by shipper.” It has been 13 business days and 20 days altogether. It’s sad that people are out to steal from others during a time like this when money is limited and all we’re trying to do is protect our families

Brent –

Victim Location 82009

Total money lost $95.90

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered $95.90 worth of products to include a 10 pack of model number MA2 FM (face masks), 3 different – 3 packs of FM (face masks) model numbers TV7, DF9, ND1 as well as cloth mask replacement filters – PM2.

I received an initial e-mail welcoming me to the "Remarkgreen family" with the following message:

Dear Valued Customer:

We wanted to say thank you for your first purchase from us.

You’re now part of our family, and we want you to know that we take care of our own members!

I then sent an e-mail asking for some clarifications regarding adult or children sizing and this is the response I got back from them TWICE.

Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Due to an enormous increase in mask demand during the epidemic, we are currently experiencing higher volume than usual. At the time being, we have equipped more staff to the warehouse, as well as the customer service center to ensure the processing time.

Please allow 24 – 48 hours for our team to get back to you with a response.

Join us to stop Coronavirus!

I started doing some research on this company after our credit card was charged from Outfit Model Company Limited and not Remark Green. I am seeing that their address of 4942 Peachtree Hills Road, Las Cruces, NM 88012 is non-exsistent and since there is no phone number to reach this company, it will be impossible to make contact with them in that manner.

Since doing more research I found several people saying they are out of Lushgood, Hong Kong and have since read many reports of this company being a scam and a fraudulent company.

Christie –

REmarkgreen is a scam. They call themselves Remarkgreen, when your transaction posts its Handready, Inc, and their email is
Their address listed on their pngage is a vacant lot of desert in NM.
They sent me a picture of them “working” on masks. Only problem is the picture belongs to another website and another company in NC.

Ive filed a claim with Paypal, a fraud claim with my bank, and with the police.

Stacy –

Victim Location 79928

Type of a scam COVID-19

RemarkGreen is the name of the online company that is a scam. We tried to purchase some face masks. Transaction did not go through. The bank called me immediately to verify. Checked reviews from other customers and everyone said that theyno one has received the items purchased.

Shane –

Victim Location 24179

Total money lost $41.30

Type of a scam COVID-19

My husband ordered a carbon filtered mask thru this company with a firefighter theme because 1 he is a retired fire fighter and 2 because of his medical condition he is high risk and could die if he gets the virus. Money was taken out of account and never received mask. Emailed company and they responded 1x but not since then. Wont responded to cancel and want our money back and want this company charged with fraud people in a major pandemic time and taking advantage of people at a very vulnerable time.

Chase –

Victim Location 74012

Total money lost $92.36

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from this company on 4-5-2020. Site said 4-7days for delivery. Contacted company no response. They charged my card on the date I ordered. I have since disputed the charge. When the charge was made to my card it says lushgoods HK, meaning out of Hong Kong. Yet it claims on their website to be from New Mexico, USA. If you look on your maps app after typing in the address there is nothing there.

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