Stacey –

Victim Location 75965

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Frist a email camae to my phone asking me if i was interested in becoming a Secret Feedback Agent. I did the application, and a week later i recevied a text message first telling me to deposite the check in my mailbox. I was confused at first because i wasnt sure who Myers Bruce was and why he was sending me text messages. The next day i check my mailbox and this BIG envolope appeared, so i opened it and a check appeared for $1,998 and i was directed with rules on a sheet of papaer. I was told to put $500 on 3 different cards called reloadit and to put $20 in gas, $18 for mailing fees, and $450 for salary. Google save me!

Levi –

Victim Location 77873

Total money lost $105

Type of a scam Investment

"I recently bought a card in order to send money to a friend… He has the money in his safe but he cant even get it out in order to put it on a card… the site is constantly down and always says We are experiencing technical difficulties…… I just want to either get my money back or have him receive the money the way he should. They are a poorly run business, they took my money that I have intended to give to a friend and they won’t let him get the funds out of this "Safe." He tried to contact them, their site is constantly down, and eventually, we are reporting them to you guys.

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