Nancy –

Type of a scam Utility

Received a telephone call at my work saying that as good Telus customers that always pay our phone bills on time that we were eligible for a 30% discount from Our plan that was called Reliant. They were hard to understand and they kept having me confirm the company name, address , phone number and my name. I kept telling them that I was not authorized to change anything to our current plan. They would say that there is no authorization needed and that they were just verifying. The one guy passed me off to Alex who was easier to understand and kept asking for the verification info. They took my name and had me spell it and then asked for my birthdate which made me upset so they made up a Birthday with a year of birth. I told them I was uncomfortable with this and that I had to report this to my boss and corporate and the and they hung up. I am worried that some charges will show up on our phone bill and will ask our administrator to watch for this.

Carly –

Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by the company by phone. They claimed to be from Reliant, calling on behalf of Bell and offered us a 30 percent discount for one year for being a long term customer. I don’t know what came over me to allow them to collect my name, contact information and business address but maybe it was because they told me I would get an email and letter in 2 business days with all the details, that I could present to my boss for authorization/approval. For what exactly, I’m not sure, as they did say there was no contract, no obligation & no extra fees. I did tell them that I did not have authority to ok anything and that I was only an employee. I became suspicious when they told me to only answer "yes" or "no", but I proceeded to do their verification piece with their manager who also needed my verbal consent to proceed when they asked me to answer "Yes" to the questions that they asked me. They now have the company’s business number and my email address. I’m pretty sure after reading through the complaints, that I will not receive any email from them. I’m now afraid this information will be used for who knows what.

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