Reliant Financial Company

Steven –

Total money lost $1,952.31

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

May 3/16 – I had applied for a loan online for $15,000, received an approval email from Megan Prevost from Reliant Financial Company for a return call if still interested in a loan. Called her back and provided some information and was told she will call me later. After a few emails back & forth, I received an email few hours later with an $8000 approval contract with loan details via email with 3 options – cosigner, collateral or security deposit – everything looked legitimate. Was asked to review the details, sign if satisfied and send it back to her with a copy of pay stub, utility bill, photo ID and PAD/void cheque for direct deposit.

May 5/16 – Received an email from Megan saying she was able to get approval for $12,000 with a revised contract. Returned the signed contract with the requested documents and told Megan I will only send the e-transfer for security deposit of $1200.00 if I got a signed copy of the contract from her end. Few hours later I received signed contract (signature looked liked "Vincent" but not sure). Shortly after received an email from Amelia Pitutri with e-transfer information is below. Transferred $1200 same evening which was accepted by Amelia May 6/16. Neither Megan nor Amelia got back to me with information as to when the loan amount was going to be deposited.

May 10/16 – Sent a group email to all the email addresses I had requesting someone either call or email me to give me an update – finally Amelia responded saying she will look into it and get back to me but she never did. Sent Amelia a flow up email but no response again until May 11.

May 11/16 – Amelia responded saying: your deposit was stuck in the processing queue. I am trying to process your file today for deposit however there is a processing error. The insurance premium of $752.31 needs to be paid before we release your loan as it was not worked into the monthly payments. Please email me as Megan is not in." I refused to send more money until I see a contract detailing insurance info, if not return my $1200. Was told a manager will get back to me but no one did. Kept sending emails all day but no response – then all my emails got returned saying email can not be delivered all weekend.

May 12/16 – Finally Megan called me late evening saying she will send me the insurance document to sign, which she did that the next day.

May 13/16 – Received the document, signed and returned to Megan. Was given e-transfer info of Jillian Aniston for insurance premium.

May 14/16 – Transferred the money hoping the loan amount to be deposited few hours later but never did. Kept sending email but no one has responded or returned my money back.

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