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Mandy – Oct 28, 2020

I ordered 4 Dewalt Tools on June 3, 2020. 4 months later I was sent a plastic pair of sunglasses that said RayBan. As far as I know, RayBan does not have anything plastic and I sure wouldn’t pay 145.00 for them. I had to cancel my credit card because of this scam site. I hope Facebook has taken it away by now. It really hurts to get scammed. I will never order off Facebook, again.

Tabitha – Oct 17, 2020

I ordered 3 pairs of shoes and a jacket from Skechers for $82 – advertised on Facebook on May 26th. Turned out it was Reliable Kind. Obviously never received my order. I reported it to BofA, who credited back my money. However, after doing an investigation, they reversed the credit because Reliable Kind provided them with a shipping receipt that they sent me something. What they sent was a pair of cheap sunglasses. I’m still fighting with BofA.

Cristina – Sep 25, 2020

Ordered two pair of Muck Boots. Should have known better when it said huge savings. Tried disputing the charge with my CC and was told denied as there was a delivered tracking number and left in my mailbox. Two pair of boots won’t fit a mailbox. I did get a pair of cheap knock off sunglasses that we did not order. That’s how they get a good tracking number.

Lance – Jul 20, 2020

Fell victim to an advert for Clarkes shoes at silly prices – should have known better. But all looked good on the website and it appeared to be a bona-fide Clarkes outlet so I placed the order and thankfully I used my credit card to buy 3 pairs. No confirmation email received as promised and unable to track them again – but the debit soon appeared on my card statement. That was back in early June. I have heard nothing from the company and have now referred it to my credit card company, who hopefully will refund my money. Lesson learnt – if something is too cheap to be true it is probably a scam!

Preston – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 13473

Total money lost $89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is an ad on Facebook trader for Muck Boots. They say your credit card is declined and then charge it to a software company that doesn’t exist.

Jessie – Jul 05, 2020

Victim Location 99185

Total money lost $75

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Reliable kind has posted several ads on Facebook. ‘selling’ different goods. I bought Brooks shoes and received dollar store sunglasses. Fortunately Capital One VISA is refunding my money but do not buy anything from Reliable kind…or any ad on Facebook

Sheila – Jun 17, 2020

Victim Location 98563

Total money lost $144

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered some kids items a little tykes activity center and a kids water slide. I looked up company and apparently they scam people. I have never received anything.

Catherine – Jun 11, 2020

Victim Location 21286

Total money lost $30.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad in my Facebook feed for a LL Bean outlet store clearance sale. I clicked through to what seemed like a legitimate site and ordered a pair of shoes. The transaction seemed a little clunky in that when I submitted the order, I was alerted by the site that my transaction did not go through, but immediately after that I got an email confirming payment and letting me know that the order would be processed in 3-5 days. The spelling on the email was awkward, leading me to believe it was from an international company. A week later, I had not heard anything from the merchant. I checked my bank account and found that there was a payment made to a company called Reliable Kind, based in Singapore. I did a web search and discovered this is pretty much their schtick. They advertise clearance prices on many name-brands of shoes, but never deliver the merchandise nor respond to inquiries. I replied to the original order confirmation asking for an update on the order, but have heard nothing from them. The email address from which the confirmation originated says it’s from, which when I checked, is not a working site. I’ve reported this to my bank and am working with them to recover my money. I have to say, I feel like a **** for falling for this, but I am especially ticked off at Facebook for providing a platform for these crooks when there are so many open complaints against them.

Catherine – May 30, 2020

Victim Location 98260

Total money lost $83

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On May 30, 2020, I ordered 4 items from The Original Muck Company through a link on a Facebook ad. $83.00 was charged to my credit card. I did not receive an order confirmation. Shortly after, my husband received a message from our credit card company (all of our charges are sent by email for us to see right away) and he did not recognize the seller name. He told me the seller name was Reliable Kind, amount $83.00. I went back to Facebook to see the site, and the link was: I realized that this must be a fraud situation and called my credit card company immediately. They will file a dispute for me in about 5 days when the process has completed the $$ transfer. I will try to contact Facebook to report this too, but have never done it and am not sure how far I will get.

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