Rejuvenem Skin Care

Alex –

Victim Location 22401

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Rejuvenem Skin Care sent an email to my personal email address on April 30, 2016. I have never heard of nor have I ever ordered from this "company". I contacted the number on the email to inform them that I received another individual’s order confirmation which included their credit card information. When I first called an individual demanded my first and last name. I attempted to explain to her that I did not have an account and did not feel that information was necessary. She hung the phone up on me. I called back immediately and requested a supervisor. I was on hold for 47 minutes and never spoke with a supervisor. I called again and was connected to the individual who had hung up on me during my first call, and hung up on me again after i refused to provide identifying information. I called a 4th time. A gentleman named Jack spoke with me and informed me that someone with my first and last name made purchases with a card in my name and was having it sent to an old address of mines. I thought it was strange that they would disclose information such as this to me without verifying who I was as I refused to disclose that. In addition, they were rude and angry because I would not fall into their games. I feel this is a company out to scam. As an intern for the government I was impacted by the cyber hacks that occurred and feel this site may be a group of scammers.

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