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Victim Location 33133

Total money lost $369.62

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company has a eye cream on Facebook advertising a trial of this eye gel for 4.99 .The idea was they would send me an e-mail confirming the purchase. If you did not like the product you could spot future purchases.

I paid for the eye gel however I never received an e-mail with contact to stop further purchases.

The sample came and it was horrible . However again there was no way to get a hold of the company to refuse further purchases.

January I was billed 89.90 and 94.91 for eye gel and face cream that I never received.

I contested the charge with my bank . It is still being disputed.

I just was charged again the same amount for the month of February .

Thankfully the bank had a costumer number which I called and spoke with a representative requesting to stop purchase.

All she would say was that I bought and received an eye gel and face cream in January and February.I had received a confirmation e-mail in December stating I accepted these purchases.

When I tried to explain That I had never received any product other then the original trial she would just go back to That I had received these products.

When I finally just said to stop any future charge to my account she again said I had agreed to these purchases in the December e-mail.

Once again which I had never received. I have not received any products other then the original trial sample. I have been charged almost $400 at this time .

After 20 minutes of dealing with this I hung up and called my bank and canceled my account . It is easier to set up a whole new withdrawal system then spend one more moment dealing with scam artist like that.

I have learned a valuable lesson .Never again.

I found this article on line which is almost the exact issue I had.


Posted on August 11 by rodicamihalis

For UPDATED information, please also read:

Buyer Beware! How to Protect Ourselves Against all SCAMS, which identifies PATTERNS scammers use ( published on this blog in April, 2017) and

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The root of this story rests in my desire to try a new skin care product in hopes I’d look better for my daughter’s wedding! I cannot afford eye-lifts, tummy tucks or even laser resurfacing, so, since the advertisement for FREE TRIAL SKIN DM/REJUVA GLOW COBO promised INSTANT POSITIVE results, I went for it! What was it to loose? After all, the ad continued, it was a free trial, all I had to do was pay for the shipping and handling, using MY CARD.

$3.95!!! Wow, for a brand new, stunning ME!!! I was already concerned by beauty was going to “steal the show,” and I didn’t wish that! Oh, no!

The two free trial products arrived at the same time, in two different UPS boxes. Amazon orders arrive in different boxes most of the time, when in fact, I only placed one order. I did not give it a second thought. I opened them and read the enclosed “instructions.”

Looking back, what I read should have alarmed me right away, but the desire to get rid of my wrinkles “instantly,” blinded me!

The instructions were that if I, for some insane reason, did not like this miraculous products, to call a telephone number (provided) and get an RMA number and write it exactly as instructed on the return BOX. All this should have been accomplished within 14 days from when the product was received! Or else… or else what??? NO actual price of the products or what would happen was mentioned anywhere, but my instinct told me it was NOT something good, but vanity won and I ignored the gut!

I took pictures of my saggy face, got depressed, and for one week religiously, I used the two products in silver containers.

Instant was not so instant and because I did not notice any difference, I called the customer service after one week.

First, the agent wanted to convince me to try until the end, the entire 14 days, but I was so afraid they will claim I returned the products too late, I insisted to verify the EXACT address where to ship them back and get it over with!

The agent tried one more time to persuade me to ‘KEEP THE WHOLE THING,” (meaning the free trial combo) for $22.00! but I refused that deal!

I read BACK to him the address in Seminole, Florida, where I was supposed to mail the HALF USED CONTAINERS!!! I told the firm’s customer service agent that I HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED BY ANY COMPANY to mail back containers which have been opened and this was a basic rule in the beauty industry! I even told him, come to think of it, the trial containers I received were NOT sealed!!! He assured me the containers I was about to mail back at MY EXPENSE were going to be “disposed of.” In other words, WHY was I asked to mail them back half used? Just so I am “punished” for not instantly becoming wrinkle free?

I mailed them back and thought this was the last I heard of this “no hassle FREE trial.” which already was not that free!! .”

Yesterday, yes, Saturday, August 9th, I checked my online bank account and right there, under my very wrinkled eyes was a CHARGE for $92.61!!!! made by a company ending in GLOW!!! There was a phone number, as well, and yes, you guessed, I immediately called.

At first there was total confusion, meaning I was confused, the people I was speaking with were not confused at all!!! I was explained, again and again, as if I were “intellectually disabled,” to use the latest professional term in DCM V, that the TWO products, the “TRIAL COMBO,” was advertised together, the packaging was similar (silver), but in fact I was supposed to ship them back to TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES!!!!

In vain I explained that any reasonable person would assume that two products advertised as combo, together and similar in packaging belonged together. It was useless to explain that JUST the fact that the products arrived at the same time, as a combo, but in two boxes, should have clued me in.

Have you ever spoken to “Judy,” the lady-robot on any computerized lines? Well, the human agent of the “combo trial,” made Judy sound human. I WANTED JUDY THE ROBOT!!! to have a human conversation with her!!!

Half an hour into begging the agent for a FULL refund, he remained unmoved and I asked for his manager. He was another human, James 615! James 615 repeated everything that the first agent told me, but he offered a new option:

“All Glow, would do, was give me half a refund: $46.46. “Would I accept that?”

Wait a minute, James 615, accept what? To pay $46.46 and I didn’t even have EMPTY JARS to show for my money???? I HAD NOTHING!!!

I swallowed a Lisipronil pill, my high blood pressure medication, but my head kept spinning, so I took a deep breath and hang up on James 615!

Since that moment, because why would I want to spend my Saturday visiting with friends, shopping or watching a movie, all I did was research Skin DM/RejuvaGlow combo and make calls to my Bank, trying to stop the payment of $92.61.

I could not stop the payment, but I was told on Wednesday I could make an official “dispute,” complaint and my bank will help me with the situation.

Since my Saturday was ruined anyway, I started researching various combination of Skin DM, trials, articles on the trials and company, etc.

In my many searches I came across the web site of what was supposed to be:

SKIN DM but what a CONVENIENT TYPO: IN BIG PURPLE LETTERS, in the middle of the page it is written:


even the link uses the MD first and switches to DM towards the end.

Furthermore, a bright yellow sign states (on the same Skin DM site, which became MD):

MySkin MD Exclusively Recommends…

OH wait a minute!!! it says the COMBO Skin DM and Rejuva Glow are OUT OF STOCK!!!! but, rest assured they will take care of you.

The advertisement continues:

Selling Hot World Wide!!!! (in red letters) the company has a replacement for the out of stock combo:

TruVisage and PurEssance

Just as the first trial, this one is also a ” 100% risk free trial! Just pay for the shipping! To get the best results try BOTH products together.

Some impressive statistics follow on the site:

83% —saw Reduction in wrinkles!

90% –Noticed smoother skin!

82% –Reported increase in SLASTICITY!!!! Because most women look at themselves daily and say to themselves: “Wow!!! My slasticity increased! Good for me, thank God I came about this miracle combo!”

Who participated in the studies, where were they done? how many participants? For how long? I got an A in my Graduate Research and Methodology class for a reason:)

It is all a mystery, but not for long. Come tomorrow, I will contact the real M.D. Skin Care Company, I will file official complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (Consumer Protection Division) and visit

Just for starters.

Oh let’s not forget those half-empty jars and The Department of Health!

I have not ben a believer in evil until events such as this one started to happen here and there. Events one thinks could never happen to them, but I have sad news: THEY COULD, AND WOULD! YOUR WEAPON IS TO BE INFORMED!

UPDATE: February 1, 2016-

Please read “Buyer Beware Part III: What is the Rejuv— -Alluracell – EpicFlow-LLSDeluxeEye-Advance Vitamin C Connection?

Since August 11, 2013, when this article was published, as a series of three articles on “Skin DM/Rejuva Glow “FREE Trial,” which wasn’t so free after all, the article has been read thousands of times and hundreds of people made comments which helped countless of people. To note that there were NO positive comments regarding these products or the way they were marketed. Recently, once again, we came across the same , but a different name… a different name, until I received my credit card statement… please continue to read Buyer Beware Part III, published on this blog ( on February 1, 2016. As always, your comments will help many. This site continues to be free and dedicated to helping people and stating the truth! Thank you.

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