Colin –

Victim Location 77478

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had some problems with my PC and downloaded their software to fix the issues. Once I downloaded the software, it would not give me a code to complete the transaction, but it took my money. So I called customer service to get the code. The tech, Jayson, insisted he had to access my computer to get the code, which I questioned why can’t he just give me the code, THAT I PAID FOR? He said he had to access the computer to fix the problem. So I gave him access and he spent the next 2 hours telling me that I had errors that had to be fixed by a live person and he had a live person available to do that for me for $299. I said fine because I didn’t want to take my computer into a shop when I could get it fixed immediately. I was willing to pay the extra cost for the convenience. When the card didn’t go through because you can’t make more than one transaction a day, he insisted I call the bank to approve it. I told him no that I was no longer interested in the service and to please disconnect from the call, he refused. He kept putting me on hold and would not respond when I told him I wasn’t interested in the additional service. I eventually unplugged my computer and router and disconnected that way. I then went online to find out about the "problems" with my computer that Jayson said I had and it turns out it is a common problem with Microsoft and all you need to do is delete the log. This is a total scam. It was apparent it was a scam when he refused to disconnect from my computer until I called the bank. DO NOT use this company or any of their products. They tell you they are joint partner with McAfee, but I don’t know if that is true.

Douglas –

Type of a scam Tech Support

To Whom It May Concern:

I keep getting this company asking me to use their support in fixing my computer. I have looked up various complaints on this type of scam and noticed that they wreck computers instead. This is what one has mentioned:

2011-06-11 · I believe Reimage "IS" a big scam! I downloaded it and it didn’t work right away. I called their customer service to find out the problem and got a person that I could hardly understand.

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Reimage – Just a scam Oct 31 This is just a scam with Reimage suddenly interrupting one’s browsing of the internet to tell you that your computer has been infected with viruses or is getting old and corrupted and all your …

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Reimage Repair is a registry cleaner program that many consider being a scam. It makes claims to clean your computer and fix errors when in fact these claims cannot be proven. Reimage Repair is a registry cleaner and Windows system optimizer designed to speed up a computer.

Is this a Legit Company?

Roberto –

Victim Location 95667

Total money lost $41

Type of a scam Tech Support

I used reimage to help repair my computer and they did everything but. First they took my $41, and then my antivirus software kept picking up the reimage program as a threat and uninstalling it. When i tried to reinstall (silly me) i needed a new cd key so i contacted their support. This guy had his routine rehearsed to a tee. He took control of my computer when all i needed was a new cd key, hey then proceeded to "show" me all my passwords and said "this is what hackers can see". He used clever tools and phrases to convince me my computer was even more infected than i thought, for example netstat and a password finder program. In the ended he just wanted more money and said my current newly updated avast and macafee antivirus doesnt work with windows 10 which i know is a lie, all just so that i would spend $150 on their "antivirus" software. These guys are scammers and i cant believe their business has lasted this long. Every review about them you can find on the internet and even on this website has nothing but negative comments about them. Im afraid a lot of these people still dont understand even after uninstalling that they are at great risk of fraud and identity theft.

Timothy –

Victim Location 75402

Total money lost $42

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was having some problems with my computer running slow and found Reimage software. I paid and downloaded it and installed it. It didn’t result in any improvement to my computer. The next day, I received a call from these people and told them I would be requesting a refund because it fixed nothing. I was instructed to download some software that would allow them to have access and control of my computer and I did that. I thought at first that they were going to run the software to see if they could get it to make improvements. They told me they were going to process a refund but I didn’t understand why they had to do it this way until they asked me to access my bank account so that they could transfer the refund from their account to mine. I refused and became very suspicious. The guy told me he wasn’t going to make any changes to my computer but I saw him doing that very thing. He started several of the browsers I have and was clicking on various things that didn’t have anything to do with processing a refund. He was fishing for something. He wanted the transaction number of the payment I sent so he could do the refund. I told him I would look it up but would not access my bank account while he was connected to my computer. He tried to assure me that all would be well and that they trust their customers. Lots of bull hockey in his spiel. I was asked if he could put me on hold while I rebooted and looked up the transaction number and I said yes. Shortly after that, we were disconnected. I started my Firefox browser and saw that there were about 50 tabs open and closed them all. I ran two malware apps and both indicated that the reimage software was malware and I quarantined it. I have little hope of getting a refund but will call them back later to rattle their cage if nothing else. Yes, they had a foreign accent and there were other voices in the background "helping" other customers (out of their money, no doubt.)

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