Reich Tech Support

Carolyn –

Victim Location 55901

Type of a scam Tech Support

First this morning I received a voice mail on my cell phone with a computer automated message that my Windows security had been breached and a hacker would be able to autofill forms with my credit card information (I don’t save any credit card information, so this is impossible). Later, a man with heavy Asian accent (sounded like he was from India) called my home phone and informed me that my computer was sending an urgent message to Widows about a hacker. I asked for more information and asked him what I needed to do, and of course he told me to go to his website and download something quickly so that he could fix it. I took his name and number and hung up. When I called back, a male voice answered, who sounded like the same man. I asked to speak to a manager. He put me on hold, and I’m not kidding, the same man came back on the line and claimed to be the person in charge. I repeat my request for a manager, and he said none was available but he was qualified to help me. I asked him why his company was calling me, and he had no answer except, "I’m sorry, ma’am." Then I asked to speak to a woman. He was confused at first. I said, "Don’t you have any women working at your company?" He said he didn’t know. I tried to clarify that he was claiming to be a U.S.-based Microsoft contracting company that doesn’t employ a single woman, and he stop speaking to me — no reply at all. He then repeated, "I’m sorry, ma’am" and hung up.

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