Tracy –

Victim Location 33809

Total money lost $380

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job secret shopper which was for stores like walmarts, cvs, walgreens and many more. I was approved emailed and text then recieved a priority mail envelope with what to do in it and a check i was to cash for $2380 i was to go to 2 walmarts st one buy 3 walmart gift cards for 400 = 1200 then 2nd walmart 2 for 400 = 800. But before the second store i was to take pictures of front card and scratch back send them in by email. Same thing after second store then text my supervisor named James Johnson. The check ended up being fake and now im outta money. I want these people caught its wrong. I am a honest person who is looking for a job I can do to make extra money for my grandchildren I am taking care of. For someone to go solo to take money from people like this in disgust me I will do whatever I have to take these people down I have every bit of it the check the papers everything. Money was taken from me and my family when I honestly thought I was applying for a job actually through Walmart CVS and Walgreens. And I hope whoever did do this is reading all these comments and I hope you know that I will blast you out on this internet faster than you can blink So You Don’t hurt anybody else.

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