Rehanas Cosmetics

Todd –

Victim Location 32909

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Moving

The house we moved into is really nice but they have workers who are scamming people. We applied & was given a Fake lease, fake approval letter with the punch code to enter the home. Only their workers know this information. Once we moved everything in we found out it was a scam & they wouldn’t work with us they just demanded that we leave with our babies. They wouldn’t even give us time. Just immediately tried to sue us. No compassion no sympathy. So we got a lawyer to make a long story short , the day before Hurricane Dorian my family & I left to grab things came back to a house that was trashed. No forced entry our neighbors saw 3 men punch in a code to enter through the garage & they took everything. & oh yeah they even put up shutters on the home after eating & watching tv & stealing everything. Our red leather couches our flat screen TVs even our clothes & shoes & our babies clothes & shoes. On top of her birthday being the next day , they even took her birthday gifts. Now their saying it wasn’t them but I know it was. Whoever entered our home had keys & the punch code I’m sure the scammer would not be seen in daylight putting up shutters. I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone to do business with them. Their heartless & they want us out of their property so bad that their coming in when we’re not here & taking our belongings. Trying to scare my family out of the home instead of giving us time to vacate. We were already robbed by the scammers & then they robbed us too. I’m taking it to court & I will not settle until Justice is SERVED. I would want someone to warn me so this is me warning you

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