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Marcus –

Victim Location 87507

Type of a scam Tech Support

RE: RegUtilities RegUtilities 1 Computer License + Unlimited Auto-Updates

[email protected]

Reg Servo Customer Support

Tel: Within US : (855) 432-0727

International : +1 855-432-0727



On 8/21/2016 I was working on my computer when I had an alert message pop up telling me that I had severe computer issues. I clicked on the link to find out more and a RegUtilities person came on the line. He ran a "diagnostic" which reported that I had "1376 issues" and asked if I’d like to proceed with help. He stated the cost and asked for my credit card number.

I appreciate knowing that my aborted order: will be refunded by Safe Cart. However, I am very concerned. Regan, the person I spoke with just now at SAFECART to explain that I canceled the order AFTER VERBALLY GIVING MY CREDIT CARD info said that it was not the case. She said the Credit card info was done online. It was not. I was pressured. I was told I had "1376 issues" with my computer. Eventho’ I felt a huge concern giving the Reg Utilities my credit card # verbally, I foolishly did that. But when Reg. Utilities asked for my VERBAL permission to remotely access my computer, I denied access. Then I spoke with the local person who keeps my computer in good working order.

I have sent this info to

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