Catherine –

Victim Location 99212

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On May 8,2019 i got a voice mail from Mr.Jennings. calling from (509)318-2513 claiming he was a Detective and that there was a court case filed against my boyfriend and that arrest warrant would be issued he also stated that they left a contact number which is the 1 844-332-5743 extension 403 an a case number. So my boyfriend called the number to find out what it was concerning and he spoke to a guy named Patrick Morgan that told him they are trying to collect a debt from an unpaid loan an that they are taking legal action such as courts or arrest warrant for failing to comply. Well my boyfriend not really knowing what’s going on asked how much was owned Patrick said it was $2,600 but if he was able to start making payments immediately he(patrick) would lower it down to $750 my boyfriend thought that was a fair deal so he gave him Patrick his card information .then Patrick stated this would stop everything but i on the other hand just couldn’t shake this gut feeling that something seemed really wrong with the whole thing .so on May 13 i called the company that the loan was actually through and found out that not only was the amount of money wrong but that it in fact was a complete scam an identity fraud . i was told to report it as soon as possible to warn others so i did an then i got a call from Patrick’s co worker Amber necole so i asked for the name of her company an the address she refused to give it to me so i called them out saying they are scammers an i will be repoting it to the police department an hung up. Then NOT even a few minutes late i get so many different numbers calling me which was in fact mr. Patrick Morgan calling from different numbers from different states harassing me and threatening me on my voice mail. Everything is being handed over to the police department..

please y’all don’t fall for the same scams we did just because someone calls you has all your personal information including social security number and addresses doesn’t always mean they are legit cuz these people had my boyfriend’s social security number had his addresses they even had his mother’s information and still turned out to be scammers.

Emily –

Victim Location 63136

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been getting harassing phone calls and voicemails from this guy named *** *** he claimed he had to give me a package and had been to my house already. Then he said he had contacted past job and a manager I know is not still up there stating my past manager told him not to come there. Today I finally answered the phone he gave me this phone number *** saying this is the number of the company and package # 1307571 is my package that I need to receive and he would be at my home within an hour. I hung up with him and then I decided to call back I called twice and he forwarded the call both times. Then I called the number he gave me someone named Lucas extension 117 answered an only said he was an operator on a switchboard of over 40-60 companies so he did t know any info on what company this was or what the package was. He forwarded me to another guy and thats when I asked him what’s going on. He claimed the company was called regional and it was for mediation he wouldn’t say what for and also claimed they had no website. Then he told me in order to see what the package is I would have to either give him my last 4 of my social or my first 3. I immediately declined and he got angry that prompted me to disconnect the call.

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