Regional Mediation Bureau

Jeremy –

Victim Location 32578

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Today, March 27, I received a voice mail from a woman stating she was with a courier service and that she had been trying to deliver a court summons to my home earlier today. I was home all day and no one ever came by. I called the number that she left on my voice mail (850-695-0994). The first man I spoke with asked for all of my information and then he put my on hold for over 15 minutes at which point I had to hang up. The second time I called, I provided all of my information and was transferred to two different people when I asked for more information about their company and their address. The man was extremely rude and told me that I owed money from a payday loan eight years ago (2009). This is the first I have heard of this in years and this loan was paid in full at the time. Not only did he call me names and insinuate that I was not smart enough to understand how the law works, he also sneered "you must be single because you are such a ***". Does a REAL company speak to people that way? He stated the courier will keep searching for me, calling my employer, and anyone else they can find related to me.

Daniel –

Victim Location 16365

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Jane Gallagher from Regional Mediation Bureau called and left a message that I was facing possible litigation over a debt I had. I called the number left on the machine (814-225-1487) and spoke with a Mark Matthews. He informed me that on February 1st, a letter was sent to my address, as well as a relatives address notifying me that I had until February 15th to pay off the debt or I would be facing legal action. He told me the company website was I was informed I owed $1296.66 to a company and it needed to be paid that day. I said I did not have the money, but could make arrangements. I was placed on hold for a brief moment while he said he was contacting the business I owed debt to. He came back a few moments later and said I had to pay the full amount by noon the next day.

The next day, I called the business I had owed the debt to. They gave me the amount I owed them as $327.66, but that it had been transferred to another company. I was given the company’s (National Credit Adjustors) phone number (1-800-542-1048) and I called them. I spoke to a gentleman by the name of William. He informed me that the original debt had already been paid off in 2014. So, Regional Mediation Bureau was trying to get money from me from something that had already been paid off, plus they were trying to get over $1,000 more than what was owed.

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