Regional Land Services

Misty –

Victim Location 48197

Total money lost $3,306

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Before Christmas 2015 "AXXX", ext 507 1-855-71-0088, contacted by 86 year old senior citizen by phone and convinced him they would assist in selling his vacant land in Florida by building a website to sell vacant land owned in Florida. (Of which he no longer owns) They charged him $990. for 6 months….property not identified. code given for him was 15120944. I tried contacting the credit card company but they had already received their money so he could not get it back. We closed his card and got a new one. I tried to contact them but they must have figured out what i was calling about and never returned my phone call. Then on Mar 28, 2016 XXXXXXX called him and asked him if he sent the money….this time they convinced him to send a check for $2316.00. Which he mailed. He thought it was for property tax. I did manage to intervene and placed a stop payment on the check.

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