Regional Business Sourcing – RBC

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 75253

Type of a scam Employment

Received an offer as Purchasing Agent with RBC sourcing for 4300 base salary every two weeks plus commissions and bonuses. They are supposed to do procurement outsourcing. There is a two week probation period where you complete 8 purchase orders which they pay for in advance, nothing out of pocket. Your first paycheck is $4000 with and advancement of %50 upfront after the two week probation period is complete. You are then flown to New York for the actual hiring process at their expense. You would then receive a company credit card, computer/laptop and cell phone. There is a benefit package included, option to work remotely or at an office and reimbursement for any travel. After responding with an interest to learn more, you receive an email with several attachments. They include an overview of the company, job responsibilities and compensation in detail(9 pages), a pay form, and an acceptance letter. The pay form only request your full name, address, phone number and email address for the initial paycheck by mail. I never accepted the offer after the addresses did not show anything about the company and no other information was other that the website included. I also found very similar scams posted on

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