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Victim Location 95678

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a "no caller id". A message was left, with the person stating his name is Robert Costa, and a case has been referred to his office, in regards to a serious matter. A phone number was left and a case #. They then called my sister, who then messaged me about this. So, I called. I was told to give the last 4 of my social. I asked the lady where i was calling or what company is this. She told me if i have been served, she cannot help me. If i have not been served, then she can help me. I told i was not served. She said, OK, great. She then proceeded to go on about a debt from Wells Fargo going back to 2010, in the amount of $2500.00. A letter was supposedly sent to me 6 weeks ago, which offered a settlement amount. I received no letter from this company, so i told her i don’t know what she is talking about. She said a settlement of $1300 was offered. So i said i can offer a $1000, and she put me on hold immediately, and went to talk to her manager. She said he is willing to do $700, but it has to be by the 1st of July, and since its Sunday, she needed my credit card information immediately to accept this arrangement. That raised a red flag in my mind. I told her that i dont carry my cards with me to work. I then offered to give my checking account information. She said no. she said, they’ve had problems, and cant trust banks. I then offered to wire money thru western union or moneygram. She said i can send a cashier’s check, as long as i call back with the tracking number. I told her, i would need to give her a call back. She said to call her back Friday. Then the following Monday, i receive a call from the "no caller id", and she leaves a message that i was supposed to call and give her my credit card information.

Then i receive an email from Wells Fargo, about a settlement in regards to the fraudulent accounts that were opened without the customer knowing. I called them after i got off work, and they had no clue about what i was talking about. They said they showed only one account, and that was back 20 years ago. I have not banked with them since then. The guy said that he would put an inquiry into this, and someone will get back to me. They did their research and could not find anything besides my old closed account. Even the reps were confused as to what is going on.

I received a 3rd phone call today stating my case is in final review, and that its best in my interest to give them a call back. Its the same guy Robert Costa. Again he did not leave a name of the company he is calling from.

There were no papers served to me as they stated, and nothing came in the mail. So everyone please be ware.

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