Daniel –

Victim Location 64024

Total money lost $174.87

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I listened to Victoria Olsteen about this face cream and decided to take her up on the free trial offer. I paid the shipping of 4.95 and expected to get a free sample. For 3 days after that people called and wanted my credit card information. 2 weeks later i got the sample in mail. 8 days later they took money from my account twice 84.95 and the next day 89.92. They claim its a 14 day trial but forgot to include that information. If you do the math there wasnt 14 days gap in there. When i ask all this, they just tried to sell more product.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 20706

Total money lost $38

Type of a scam Phishing

Not sure what phising means but im thinking its darn close. If this is not a clear cut case of a scam then this is close. I was reading through my emails on gmail and unfortunately have not been able to back track to find the email that peaked my interest. It was either my channel 4 news or wtop news app that had a story about angelina jolie face cream. I am a 63 year old retiree now raising 3 girls (ages 14, 11, and 6). So you talk about stress! That among many things have made my face look much older than I am (in my view). I always spend time at the drug store trying to figure out if any of the products they advertise for wrinkles and shadows work but never try them because they are too expensive for my budget. Dont even think about plastic surgery. I usually dont pay these advertisements any attention and just delete them immediately. But seeing angelinas flawless skin and some of the people they claim use it (i.e,.ellen degeneres) I decided to read more mainly because these are two people I feel are honest and caring and would not knowingly be involved in any dishonest offer to take money from hardworking and retired people. The offer was very clear that for 4.99 S&H fee customers would get a sample of the regenere skin cream. I read this offer 4 or 5 times or more to make sure I was not overlooking any tricky language. There was none. So I proceeded to check out and was ticked when I another product for 9.98 had been tagged on. I started to cancel right then but didn’t see that option and started to get a little worried. But when I pressed the proceed to check out box i was relieved to see that additional item had disappeared. Well that was shortlived because when i clicked to proceed to checkout again there was another and more expensive product added and now my bill had gone from 4.99 to 38.00! I was livid and decided to cancel the transaction but there was no option to either remove unwanted products or cancel the transaction. I clicked proceed to checkout again hoping it would give me the option but no I got a"thank you for your order." Oh hell no I said and went on a cursing rampage that would make a great grandfather proud! I immediately called the customer service number on the receipt and was outraged that the representative kept ignoring my complaint and obvious anger and was more interested in preserving the sale no matter the cost. I was starting to think I was talking to a machine because the conversation was going no where. But when I took it up a notch and started dropping "MF" bombs on her she slowly came to realize I was serious. I told her I felt this whole transaction had been a scam and talking to her didnt make it any better and that I wanted the transaction cancelled and my money back. Then she tells me I can get everything refunded except the 4.99. I asked her if she thought I was boo-boo the fool. Why on earth would I give them 4.99 which was supposed tobe for S&H. I told her that if they did not refund me all my money I would write letters and call tv stations and make a real nuisance of myself. Supposely I will be getting my money refunded to my account by August 30.

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