Referral cars

Jay –

Victim Location 36533

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

After signing up (over 1.5 years ago) with Referral Cars and getting a “campaign “ through a *** * for Zoom Benefits ; I have received $0 and been charged every so often and I want out. This is so annoying and a terrible scam. I want my money back (like that would ever happen) and to be rid of these vermin for good.

My warning is DO NOT SIGN UP in the first place.

Luke –

Victim Location 92346

Type of a scam Employment

Very easy employment. Just pay $6 and change for shipping on a decal you place on the back window of your can and you can make $400 a month. If someone signs up for these ZoomBenefits you get commission and this is how you get paid. It sounded suspicious so looked it up on and there are several open reports on this company. Also, shortly after I got accepted into one of their “campaign” and asked personal info for the job my email address got hacked, so did several of my accounts. Don’t know if it’s related, but too much coincidence. I didn’t enter my card info when I was trying to accept the campaign because something didn’t sound right. Beware.

Carrie –

Victim Location 68803

Type of a scam Phishing

Found an add on Facebook to make money just by driving around with an ad in my back window. They said you could make as much as 400 per month. Offered me a campaign for "Zoom Benefits" I had requested a base pay campaign, this was commissioned. Promised 100 dollar gift card if Noone picks up on my ad in first 90 days. It didn’t feel right, so I started investigating both companies. First try, hit on another report here at BBB.

Cody –

Victim Location 28105

Type of a scam Other

Found an add for Referral Cars on Facebook. Almost signed up but researched a little first. There have been several complaints about this company. They tell you they have this awesome campaign they want you to help them with. You just have to put a decal in the back window of your car. They do tell you up front, in some cases you may have to pay for the shipping of the decal, but everything else is free. Then you immediately get accepted into this campaign that is so popular and if you don’t hurry up and sign up you may miss out. The campaign is for Zoom Benefits and it supposedly is real but there are a lot of online complaints about that company as well. Then you find out you have to pay for the decal to be shipped to you, which is at a reasonable amount of money, but you have to pay $2 extra if you want tracking, which makes no sense. AND you can pay $15 to boost the % of commissions you get. You are supposedly guaranteed to get at least $100 gift card if you make no commissions after the first month but who knows if you’d really get that. This screams scam to me.

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