RedRain AD

Teresa –

Victim Location 55427

Total money lost $2,100

Type of a scam Employment

I received an E mail from a company called RedRain Ad. The e-mail stated that RedRain is an Energy drink. They were looking to advertise using a car decal, a marketing practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle in an advertisement or livery, which would turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

They were asking people to reply by sending them a reply e-mail such as your home address, telephone number, vehicle make and model. They claim to compensate you $300.00 per week to have the decal on your vehicle. The time the decal on the vehicle varies.

They send out a check to interested persons for $2430.00 from M&T Bank Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company in Buffalo, NY 14240. They communicated via text and indicated that the check should have arrived by fed ex and should be deposited in your checking account.

Then they request you to Wire money in incremental payments, to an individual named *** *** *** in the amount of $980.00. They stated it was a vendor that works out of El Paso, Texas and this vendor will find a local agent who will come to your home to place the decal. Then they ask you to wire another $1130.00 for the remainder of the job which leaves you thinking you have made approximately $277.00.

The check received was valid and cleared on the same day that It was deposited . The money to wire to the individual was withdrawn from the writers checking account. On tuesday evening there was a negative balance in the writers checking account and on Wednesday the deposited check was recognized as invalid. No information was heard from after the text on Sunday AM when writer communicated with the scammer with a telephone #1(5512)812-071

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