RedLine Strong/Andrew Executive Search Group

Alicia –

Victim Location 63123

Total money lost $38.25

Type of a scam Employment

This is a fake recruiting agency that is being used by another fake company called RedLine Strong (I assume it’s the same people). I applied to a job titled "Youth Athlete/Parent Sports Mentor" for RedLine Strong via craigslist. Was contacted via email to begin the application/interview process. I submitted my resume and answered a few questions, then was contacted to schedule a phone interview. Completed the phone interview, then was told I was one of 3 finalists. After that I was asked to do a background check which they made me pay for ($38.25) and filled out some personal info including last 4 of SSN and last 3 of DL. I was told the next step was to set up an in person interview a couple weeks later. Before that couple weeks was done, I started investigating the companies because I got a weird email from Andrew Exec Search Group. I google image-searched a few pictures from their websites to find they used pictures from people that live in the UK. Then I called a company they had listed at the bottom of their page and they said they are not associated with RedLine and are not able to contact them by any means. That tells me they have had this issue before. I contacted Andrew and asked him to call me because I had some questions, but he claimed to be on a cruise with family. They never contacted me again for the in-person interview and I cancelled my credit card.

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