Redline Processing

Caitlin –

Victim Location 43223

Type of a scam Debt Collections

O received several phone calls from different numbers. Some were from 313-209-4433 and some were from 207-290-8026 just to name a few. The message reads… The message starts out in a human voice "This notification and message is intended for then there is a short pause and now in a computer voice a name is mentioned then it continues in a human voice stating I have received an order of process in my office for several pending allegations in which you are being investigated for. This department will be verifying your address as well as your current employment today. It is your legal right and responsibility to contact this office prior to being served. You can reach us directly. Our phone number is 307-227-0702. Make reference to case number (now a short pause again and a computer voice gives you a 5 digit reference number. Now make to human voice A failure to comply will result in a forfeiture of your rights as well as you being named as a repeat offender with your local county. No matter what number calls I am to return the call to 307-227-0702. I did call one of the original numbers that left the message and she was very rude especially when I told her that the says this company is no longer in business. She still wanted to argue with me telling me that the company is real and she is located in Ft Lauderdale Florida

Veronica –

Victim Location 84041

Total money lost $515

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company called my ex sister-in-law from a marriage that ended 10 years ago. Telling her that I was going to be served. I called them and was treated so horribly I can’t even describe it without taking too much time. But they were insults and etc. they told me I was going to be Arrested for a check fraud and that I was going to get a summons to court for this debt which would be garnished. They could not tell me who the original creditor was, they told me it was from Cornerstone which represented 30 different creditors and the debt occurred 2013 or 2014 From somewhere between $300-$800 and after all fees it was now $1654.11 the first agent Who told me I was disturbed and had a disturbed way of thinking, said it was a credit card, the second agent said it was a payday loan. I am disabled and have cognitive disabilities, I received insults about that as well. The more info I tried to get from them the more loud and aggressive they Became with me. The agent Kelly Stein ext 3009 And Nicolette The original agent ext 3017 are the people I spoke with from redline. Kelly offered me into a settlement for $515 because I was on disability only if I paid in full at that minute. she transferred me to Mr. Luis who is from DC processing a company I now know does not exist, to give all of my credit card information to. I paid the $515 in a total panic In tears because I thought this was the only way to Avoid going to jail for some kind of check fraud and debt that I have no record or recollection of.

My husband got home and realized I had been taken advantage of, we both did the research and found out that these companies both are out of business or, do not exist in the DC processing case… They’re supposedly located in Utah. Redline processing group or, on their email Redline Recovery Group is out of business according to the BBB. A few days later I called Kelly Stein For a verification letter. she wanted me to sign in email and fax it back stating that I am authorized to this payment and I refused to do that until she sent the verification letter that would tell me who I owed and originally what for so I can verify whether it’s real. Because I wouldn’t sign it until I got that letter, she threatened the more debt collectors would be calling me, that they could take more money out of my account and we’re back to square one with the possibility of me going to jail for check fraud and garnishment ect. I had my bank investigate this and they refunded me the $515 but my bank got ripped off.

Luckily my bank covered me otherwise they had taken me for everything I had in the world. I literally was left with $30 in my account. When you’re disabled $500 is a ton of money leaving me unable to pay the debts and creditors that I actually owe. If my bank had not refunded me this amount I would be in big trouble. I have done extensive research on every business name they have given me, they simply are scammers and do not exist. When I requested a legally required verification letter stating the original creditor and the amount ect. Kelly’s said that’s not their policy.

In summary, they made my ex sister-in-law believe I was being sued, they insulted disabled and dying woman to the point where I was in tears for the weekend, they stole $515 from me… My bank reimbursed me because they’re great, but they actually stole from my bank now. I am still attempting to get a verification letter, and asked to speak with DC processing again and was not allowed. Lastly I was threatened by Kelly Stein because I would not sign her email stating I authorized payment, that more creditors would be calling me, they could take money out of my account, and would end up in court. So I had to change my account immediately after that and update with everyone I owe the new account information. This is taken so much time and effort, these people are good at what they do… Taking advantage of someone who was suffering with cognitive and brain damage, disabled and they even knew that my time on this planet was going to be very short. People who steal from the disabled are the worst of all! This needs to be stopped!

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