Redline processing group

Julie –

Victim Location 90027

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This person had a special Account Code set up attached to my First and Last Name. They also asked me to confirm my last 4 Digits of my Social Security #, which I did unknowingly this could be a scam. They mentioned it was a LIFETIME Membership Collection from BALLY TOTAL FITNESS. They insisted I had owed them money for the membership which is false. I never opened such an account. The two persons I spoke with were named Thomas Smith using an African American dialect and a second person; a woman with a mumbling slur to her speech. They both insisted I would need to "appear in court" somewhere and If I failed there would be consequences of loosing my rights. They instructed I should and needed to start a payment plan with them. It was frightening speaking to them as I felt I was speaking to criminals and uncertain of the level of danger I could be in. I hope these criminals are caught and taken off the public reach. A second phone number is 401 – 213-8891. They refused to give me their location and ended up hanging up on me. I recorded the latter half of the conversation.

Ebony –

Victim Location 35453

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The people called my fiance’s mother stating they were looking for him and when he called them back they said he owed money on a payday loan and they needed his social and every other kind of personal information. He told them if you have my name and number then you should have my social and everything else if you are a legal business. He told them he did not feel comfortable giving that information out over the phone and they could send him paperwork but of course no paperwork ever showed up.

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