Kristine – Jan 28, 2021

I purchased what i believe was a set of Duiary of a Whimpy Kid series for $19.99. I hadnt received it so i sent them a email to check if they had the correct shipping address. The responded back saying this a digital that i had to download all of them (13 books total). I explained to them i was purchasing them for my grandson who has no access to the net. They sent me a response that stated its clearly marked on the site and they would issue me a 25 credit towards another book. I dont want a digital book. All i have is a small phone that is not suitable for reading a book on. I tell you they rip people off during this serious pandemic when every one is having money issues. I just wanted to give my grandson the gift he wanted for his birthday.

Kelly – Jan 21, 2021

I purchased books from them yesterday and soon enough I found out they weren’t real books. I found many people complained about this and said it was a scam page. I emailed the seller and threatened them if they didn’t refund me I would contact my lawyer. They said they had it in terms and policies but terms and policies were nowhere to be found. Within 24 hours after I made a purchase and emailed with threats I got my money back.

Amber – Jan 09, 2021

I recently ordered a collection of Harry Potter books for $18.20, and of course, it sounds like an amazing deal considering that’s a lot of books! There was a picture of the entire collection and the only thing in the description was the name of every book that I would be receiving. I payed with my credit card and waited a few weeks, but when I realized that I wasn’t getting them delivered, I checked my email from the order and saw there was a download button. It didn’t state what was being downloaded, but when I found that the books were the download, I realized my mistake. They hadn’t planned on delivering physical books. They sent a download for each one instead. They don’t respond to phone calls, emails, and the books were never ordered. This was a complete scam.

Jasmine – Dec 19, 2020

Ordered 13 books for $19.50 with my credit card. Nowhere in the sale did they suggest they were PDF files. They actually show a picture of the books for sale. I want a refund. The sale ad is misleading. I purchased the books for my 9 year old son with my phone.

Claudia – Nov 17, 2020

Same experience as others. Their website is extremely misleading. When asked for a refund they sent me a 100% discount code for future purchases c851925

Isaac – Oct 06, 2020

You A Hugh scam ripoff. The web site shows books for sale but in reality it is e-web downloads. The site ask for mailing address and zero shipping cost. You don’t find out it is e-web downloads until you confirm order. My money was taken out by Skrill payment account which I have no knowledge of using before. The money went to someone name La’kita Shamlita Clark , whom I don’t know neither. I am unable to get refund because under $15 and has already been retrieved by oerson. Do Not Order Anything From Redango

Daniel – Sep 30, 2020

Do not order from Redangos. They disguise their product as physical books (by not mentioning digital content anywhere on the product page). When you contact support, they do not offer refund. They try to offer you coupon code instead. Total scam.

Benjamin – Sep 26, 2020

I bought a book set. Never got shipping information and then saw a review mentioning them being digital. So I emailed them and their response said that they were in fact digital. I never got a download link for that either. None of their products state this and they make it seem like they are physical copies. They don’t give refunds because they state all of their products are digital in their terms and conditions page (which they keep at the end of their website and significantly smaller than everything else. Thei
r email response was full of typos and broken english. It’s a huge scam, don’t recommend purchasing from them.

Jake – May 23, 2020

Are you sure they didn’t email a download I thought I was ordering a paper set of witcher and got a download key

Terry – Mar 09, 2020

Victim Location 62563

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a set of books from this place. They will not respond to my email, phone calls and I’ve never received the books.

2 thoughts on “Redangos”

  1. I see I am not the only one misled by this website. Do NOT order from Redangos. They disguise their product as physical books (by not mentioning digital content anywhere on the product page). Why do I need to put in my shipping address and zip code to calculate the shipping??? and only get a link to download PDFs. This is all set up to be extremely misleading and they need to be shut down!!!

  2. ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! I ordered a 10 book series for $24.00 and they asked for a shipping address. The day after I paid a reply email from them said they only sell DIGITAL BOOKS! BS!
    The payment said Jack Walters PayPal! WTH!
    Even the WY State Attorney General”s Office could not track them down!

    Stay the hell away from this Scam Company!
    It is Jan 23, 2023 and I am still trying to get my money back….hell, I’m trying to contact them!😠

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