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Type of a scam Employment

I have been looking for a job for a while now so am quite vulnerable. Received an email about a project management job for a company called ‘Red Line Express’ that is moving to America from London. I have begun the ‘training process’ that involves receiving and studying training material on a daily basis. I have grown very wary as to the legitimacy of this company, and it seems ‘too good to be true’. I have received emails as such: *** ***, I’m writing to tell you more about the responsibilities of the position.

Apologies if Cindy has already filled you in, but I just wanted make sure you have all the information you need.

As Project manager, you’ll be responsible for up to 5 companies in your area. The job does not involve prospecting for

or working with new clients. Our existing client companies will be transferred to you from our NY office. The precise number of companies

will depend on the type of business they do and their transportation needs. So you’ll be working not less than 40 hours a week.

There will be the occasional, short business trip. These won’t normally require you to travel over night, but it can happen.

Payment for days spent working away from the office is double, and the company will meet all your expenses. Trips will be local

and always within your state.

The company’s priority areas are currently: Pacific zone (WA-OR-CA), Central zone (NM-TX), Lake Michigan zone (IL-IN-MI)

and South Atlantic (SC-GA-FL). the local starting dates and locations should reach you by the end of June.

Head Office is still deciding on the final details.

You may work from home or from the office, whichever is more convenient for you. We are happy to cover the cost of relocation,

or to provide all of the equipment you will need to work from home. You will be in direct touch with customs authorities,

insurance companies and many other organizations on a daily basis. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for checking the

client’s account and making sure that everything is in order. To avoid delays at customs, it is your job to see that all

taxes and port charges are paid on time and in strict accordance with the terms of the contract. At the present time,

all you have to do is read the studies carefully, make sure you understand everything and ask questions as soon as possible

if you don’t. During stage 2, the course material will become more specific and you’ll be assigned to one of our departments.

The current rate of pay for this W-2 position is $90K/year ($1,730/week) plus bonuses and benefits.

Bonuses, which will normally be around 10-12% of your salary, are paid annually in December.

Benefits include 100% Health insurance, dental insurance (including regular checkups and preventive care), free eye tests

and expenses for new glasses or contact lenses. We also offer a 401K program "50% of the first 6%".

The dates of the 2nd stage training and final interview are flexible. Several options are available for you to choose from.

Training sessions will be held in July, August and September.

Courses start every other Monday, so choose the one that suits you best. You must come by the end of September in order to complete

the work required to gain the necessary qualifications. You will be on the payroll from the first day of your stage 2 training.

So the sooner you enroll the better. All courses are held in New York. So, you won’t have to fly to London.

I’ll call you to by the end of next week to discuss the options available for the 2nd stage dates and to take

your reservation. Please note: Red Line will cover all your expenses.

Thank you,

Allan A. Coleman | Human Resources

110 Wall Street | New York | NY | 10005 | USA

+1 646 233 2250 |

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