Red Dragon Mortgage

Lydia –

Victim Location 28110

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Other

Adam Banka of Red Dragon Mortgage sold my Timeshare for $6,000. and after I paid fees there was no sale.

Adam Banka of Red dragon Mortgae sent me a signed purchase agreement to sell my Timeshare in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for $6,000 which I accepted. When he checked the title, he said I owed back maintenance fees, so I paid him $900. to clear that. When I called the Timeshare office, I found that nothing had been paid and the title company he used was not ligit. His phone number has been disconnected.

Haley –

Victim Location 90638

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

July13, 2016 Serving West Florida, 2655 McCormick Drive, Clearwater Fl 33759 Fax No. 727-539-6301, Tel No. 727-535-5522

Dear Sir: We are reporting a complain regarding the following people;

1. Red Dragon Mortgage LLC- 3932 Swift Rd, Suite A, Sarasota, El. 34231 Tel 941-623-3570

2. Ms Valarie Martinez her name as she told us, as Manager of Red Dragon Mortgage,

3. Mr. Albert Ayers Jr. Lie. 5L658901-Tel No. 941-623-3570 who received the money from Western Union Tracking No. 153-028-5304 of $937.50 dated July 1, 2016 and Tracking No. 488-489-3974 of $1198.50 receipts attached, from the undersigned

4. Mr. Michael Rodriquez & Mrs. Susan Rodriquez, address 7427 Willesden Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277 Tel No.980477-7423 the buyer with attached Purchase Order received by email thru Valarie Martinez of Red Dragon Mortgage. 558. 429.45-6482 and 555 429-45-5486. This is the couple who expressed much interest in buying our Timeshare when they spoke to us.

5. Mr. John Rodriquez cell No. 336-999-2716- the brother of Michael Rodriquez, whose business is JR carpet cleaning as stated in their answering machine. He personally called me inquiring about the status of the contract quite a few times.

6. Mr. Michael William, who claimed to be an employee of Hilton Membership Transfer Dept. Tel No. 800-301-1833 and email [email protected] in Carlsbad, Ca Every time I called to verify about the Transfer Fee and Assement fee and where am I suppose to send the money, he told me to follow the instructions of the Red Dragon Mortgage, who is Valarie Martinez (as named).

7. There is also an official seal of the Notary Public, North Carolina, County of Mecklenburg, Commissioner Name is SARAH JANE LONG, and commission expires February 24, 2018.

Note; All of the above as mentioned are supported with attached copies. Please take note and do what you can to stop the bogus business of these people stealing and making people miserable. After the money was sent NO ONE can be contacted. All their phones have No reply and some are discontinued Tried to contact them on Email especially Valerie Martinez, NO REPLY. This is a SCAM and we were scammed. We filed a Police Report in Norwalk California Report No. *** dated July 11, 2016 Tel No. *** copy attached, Please do what you can to aware these people ASAP, so they cannot continue SCAMMNG AND STEALTNG, Thank you very much. And appreciate your early response.

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