Red Carpet Movers

Abby –

Victim Location 75645

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Red Carpet Moving states a DMV license number on their invoice TXDMV 0077096425C. Having a DMV number listed in large print on top of invoice along with insurance coverage by pound under Carrier’s Liability leads the consumer to believe the moving company is legitimate and insured. I’ve checked with and verified that they are not. Mrs. Dorsey stated two weeks ago that she would send me a claim form. They have now changed their website to indicate a Longview, Texas address but utilizing same Dallas cell phone numbers. Mr. Dorsey has a verifiable criminal history of theft on Smith County Judicial Records with mug shot; public information. I want my money reimbursed for damage to floor. As Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey continually state they are insured and information is on invoice in addition to "valid" DMV number requiring them to be insured. As they were referred by another, I feel targeted. But we did call them to do the job. That does not lessen the fact that the work was not done correctly and they lied about being insured and bonded.

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