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Krista – Dec 09, 2020

Watch out for Phone numbers that are text message only but you may leave voice mail. I been dealing with ph. number 740 227 7539 out of Ohio state. Fed-ex delivered check from an address Jonathan V. Mastre 891 Scooteney Rd. Connell WA. 99326, Which is probably made up. But it was mailed out of Las Vegas. Origin ID LASA
Candace Easdale LSI life 5115 S Decatur Blvd #100 Las Vegas NV. 89118. Ph. # on envelope 702 310 3373 which is not a working number. Sent to me in California

Terrance – Dec 09, 2020

Scammer’s phone 740 227 7539

Scammer’s address Jonathan V. Mastre & Jaclyn D. Mastre sent the check Washington state

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Text message

I was sent 2500 to deposit. We agreed to put a Red Bull wrap on my van Now they want me to send 1900 out to someone else. But I cashed check I told them I will not send anything till check has cleared. But I will take as payment that we agreed on And for them to send the wrapper at their expense.

Edward –

Victim Location 40272

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted via text to put Red Bull advertising on my vehicle. I was instructed to deposit a $3732.00 check into my account then tell them when it is done. When I refused, they threatened me and called me a thief and said the were giving me 2 hrs to deposit or they were calling the FBI.

Candice –

Victim Location 80537

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an email out of the blue from what I thought was ***, a hiring agent. I was offered to be paid $500 weekly to have my car covered with a *** ***l rap logo. I responded that I was a single mom, and I was interested in earning extra income. I received an email requesting my address, the mileage on my car, my phone number, my age,and what cities I drive to. I received an email about a check being delivered very shortly to begin the process. The email became repetitive, and I felt concerned that this was a fraud. So I continued to receive emails from this person in the meantime of investigating and the emails kept repeating that I would be receiving a check. I contacted *** and I showed them the emails and they said this was not part of the *** brand and that this was possibly fraud, then I received a check it was dated February 18 that was express mailed to my home, the check was in the total amount of $2400 and that’s when I started receiving text messages from “roberta” the text messages were just simply “hello” “hi” and So I blocked the number on my phone and that’s when I started receiving emails asking if I received the check encouraging me to cash the check. So I reached out to the bank on the check, it was labeled *** bank. I got a hold of an agent over the phone I gave him the draft number and ask them if they can verify that this was a real check after quite a lengthy wait they told me that they had no information regarding the check. That the check was not from a *** bank so I asked him to transfer me to their fraud department so that I can report the information on the check and the hold time was very long.. I then reached out to spam protection online and that’s when I found out through the government website that I could actually report this to the as well I am very concerned that my identity may be stolen and I am absolutely sure that this is check fraud.

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