Recruitment Now Inc (Spoofer / Imposter)

Catherine –

Type of a scam Employment

The email came out of the blue. While I was looking at employment on the employer here I couldn’t find the confirmation email that would have been sent to me stating i applied for such a job. This was a red flag right away. The emails sent to me were copy-pasted and exactly like a previous employment scam that was reported.


Recruiting Now Inc. is a well-established company providing a

wide-ranging and growing portfolio of services.

We provide IT, accounting, tax and financial consulting services to

personal, small and large businesses.

My name is Judith Mallard. I am an HR manager Recruiting Now Inc.

We got your resume from the website: INDEED.CA

We are looking for responsible and reliable people to expand our

personnel in Canada. Currently we have an open position of the Online

Service Manager.

Employment: Full or Part Time Working hours: 40 hours/week or 20

hours/week Salary: 1340 CAD or 670 CAD weekly

1. Living in Canada.

2. Communication skills.

3. Ability to communicate effectively.

4. Organizational skills that will help to plan the day successfully.

5. Knowledge of the PC and basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.

If you are interested in this position and ready to become a

successful manager with the opportunity for career growth together

with Recruiting Now Inc., please reply this mail and we will begin

your employment.

If you are not interested, please let us know also, and we will not

bother you again.

Thank you!

Judith Mallard

Recruiting Now Inc.

120 Eglinton Ave E,

Toronto, ON M4P 1E2

[email protected]

Tel: +1-416-595-5777"

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