Lori –

Victim Location 94041

Type of a scam Employment

Caller called 3x in a row and when I answered, they asked if I had recently searched for a job in their job board. I said yes. We were immediately cut off, then a recording came on that said something to the effect of "your number has been added to the no call list", then the line was cut off.

I immediately remembered about the scam where they get people to say "yes" and use the person’s recording to scam.

Jack –

Victim Location 32920

Type of a scam Employment

Several emails, texts and phone calls regarding professional employment. Scams were for Manager, Mail Forwarding Company and for Manager, Engineering Company. I checked online and found that the company names were "borrowed" from foreign corporations that had no legitimate presence in the United States. One email "recruiter" requested that I send in personal information such as home address, date of birth and to "click the link to upload application". Several "urgent positions to be immediately filled". I traced several communications to find they originated in Mid CentralFlorida and in New Jersey.

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