recovery technology by James

Levi –

Victim Location 73089

Total money lost $170

Type of a scam Tech Support

I took my phone in for repair to technology recovery by James. After receiving my phone back from him it stopped working a few hours later. I took my phone back and was told but there was no warranty on the work done after it left the store. At that time there was nothing posted or any kind of information given to me that there were no warranty. I work in the oil field and was without my phone for one week. After speaking with several other people that had also contacted Mr. Thomas they also we’re confused by his business practice. It was brought to my attention recently that he does not even have a business license posted and when asked about his business license he could not provide that information. I no longer request a refund for the$170.00 that I spent to have my phone repaired as I have already replaced my phone. I do however request that further investigation is looked into his business to ensure that he is properly licensed by the state and by the government. This seems like a shady business, and I would hate others to be taken for any more money. I never was even required to sign or given any paperwork just took my money, and gave my phone back 3 days later.

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