Recovery Business Associates

Richard –

Victim Location 92780

Type of a scam Debt Collections

So initially I received a call from a RESTRICTED number. Didn’t answer of course and in the VM a courier who is going to serve me at my home/ work. leaves me a number and case number, I call the number and at first they don’t answer stating they are closed for the day then half hour later they answer stating they are Alternative Dispute Resolutions trying to serve me papers regarding a civil dispute with WF. of course they are willing to handle this over the phone for an account that has been closed and paid for years ago. I asked who the courier was, unknown, I asked who was serving me; *silent party. when I started to dig further into their shadiness they put me on hold. never came back on the line. I then called Wells Fargo’s Overdraft Department and they verified that I don’t owe anything and that they have received a large number of calls regarding scams for money that’s been paid. Warning to others, request a debt validation in writing showing what you owe and to who. these guys are just trying to make some money off unsuspecting people. always call who they say you owe and verify for yourself. I cant wait to get served on an account that has been verified to be closed. not sure why they still have an A- rating when they should have a solid F for fraud and failures as people.

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