Record Transfer Services

Morgan –

Victim Location 14432

Total money lost $83

Type of a scam Other

I received this notice in the mail shortly after closing on my home. It stated to respond by 1/15/16. I called 1/11/16 and paid the required amount of $83.00 via my bank account. I have yet to receive any documents as promised in the notice.

Teresa –

Victim Location 96734

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Mail received from Record Transfer Services. Requesting payment of $83.

We recently had a transaction with our lawyer who took care of this fee for our home in Kailua which is actually in my husband’s name – not mine so this was another indication that this was fraudulent mail!

WE contacted lawyer and she said to call the police!

Rachel –

Victim Location 70154

Type of a scam Other

This scam attempts to get the recipient to pay $83.00 to access a copy of their Current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile when one can simply go to the courthouse and pay a few dollars for that information. This takes advantage of people’s lack of knowledge about legal documents. It is also an unwanted solicitation.

Julie –

Victim Location 33540

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

A recorded deed notice was sent to the scammed person. The company insists that it is recommended to obtain a copy of the current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile. These said documents are said to provide evidence of the property of the scammed persons PARENTS PROPERTY (of which is not owned by the scammed person.)

They go on to explain that these records obtained through public information show a deed was recorded in his name on 10/30 indicating ownership and or interest in the specified property. This is of course nonsense. They also request that one responds quickly and sends 83 dollars as a document fee as a one time fee.

One other thing they have in bold print is that "Records are available at your local county recorder for a nominal fee: however you will need to go to the county recorder’s office in person. You will not be able to recieve a profile report as this is a proprietary and only deliverable upon our services."

This is misleading, in my opinion.

Kathryn –

Victim Location 30728

Type of a scam Phishing

Gives a response date and a documentation fee of $63.00. Leads the receiver to believe that they need to pay $63 to obtain a copy of their property assessment profile.

Gary –

Victim Location 31735

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A letter came from Record Transfer Services in Westlake Village Ca with our address & someone else’s name on it requesting $63.00 for a copy of a current Grant Deed. We took it to the Records Dept at our Court House because we had never heard of this person. They told us it was a scam & to disregard it. We didn’t send any money but kept the letter because we are receiving other mail with that name on it such as offers from the cable TV Co. We have owned this property since 1977 & can’t understand how this person knows anything about us as I do not post personal info on the internet. I appreciate anything you can do to stop these scam artists as older people may fall victim to this & lose their property.

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