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Keith – Dec 07, 2020

I myself got a phone call from these ppl as well saying I owed money from a loan that was 8 years ago. The lady who called had an accent and was abusive when I pressed on with asking questions. I in fact have my card information ( to a card I don’t use ever). Once I got off the phone I called back minutes later about the docusign email that I never got. I called the number provided, a Virginia area code. No one answered, went to voicemail 10 times. They call back but from a different number, this time the number was from Massachusetts. I didn’t answer, got another call and this one said san Antonio. I answered, it was the same lady as before. I asked what state she was in and she said Texas so I questioned her about the different numbers. Said calls get routed from a call center. Meanwhile in trying to request a hard copy of the supposed owed payment she began to get very rude and arguing with me. I told her no no who you arguing with, that’s my job not yours. A man picked up he phone claiming to be her boss. This guy spoke perfect english so I assumed he was american ( not racist but let’s face the fact where these calls come from?). He began to get pissy as well when I asked to be mailed a physical statement. Threatened me with court, saying I should pay my bill hell just cancel the payments and tell them I don’t want to pay and that check my mail for a summons or something. First off that’s not how they are supposed to operate. He repeatedly said they don’t send out hard copies and kept threatening me with court. I told him go ahead.
I should note that I already cancelled the card before I called them back but they don’t know that. I told him let it hit my credit report and then we’ll talk but you can send the summons.
I called the initial loan place of whom I had the loan through. They gave me the creditor that it got turned over to. They advised me that it was in fact paid in full 4 1/2 years ago and they will be sending my paid in full letter.
Beware these ppl are a scam and will try to threaten you to pay something you might not actually owe. ALWAYS call the suspected loan place first and ask them for their records.

Summer – Oct 29, 2020

Scammer’s phone 8104765935

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Phone

So many calls so many different numbers have my last 4 of ss number But I own no one it’s total harassment

Kimberly – Oct 29, 2020

I got a call from numerous numbers and the same guy called each time. He said his name was Richie Jefferson, left a voice-mail both times claiming he had an urgent matter to discuss to avoid further action being taken against me. I could barely understand the guy. Not to sound racist or anything but a guy with that thick of an accent having an American name like Richie Jefferson sounds suspicious to me and I never returned his call. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Also he called after 8 pm when most businesses are closed for the day.

Raquel – Oct 19, 2020

This guy, a John Dominik, has called SEVERAL times. Even after having an argument and telling him I would be giving NO information to him whatsoever, he continues to leave pleasant voicemails like we had never spoken. Has even contacted my brother and my place of work. Told work he was from a publication and wanted to know if I was still interested in receiving it. calling from a local # 330-597-0545.
Reconciliation Global Group.
He will not state who the client is that has a case on me until I give him all my information which I will not be doing.

Chelsea – Sep 28, 2020

Have called twice requesting my daughter. States important matter. Had last 4 of her SS#. I left it to voice mail email each time and then deleted.

Roger – Sep 26, 2020

They called numerous times! I had several conversations with these people. Making threats to take me to court and being very hostile with me over a debt they claim I owe from 10 years ago. I called the place they claimed I owe and they said I didn’t have any outstanding debt with them. When I got another call back I told them this and they hung up on me. BEWARE! Major scam

Kelsey – Sep 14, 2020

Have been calling me from different numbers and each time I block them. Have left messages about a legal matter concerning my social security number and can call off the last four digits. Today when I answered but did not verify my identity or my personal information. The gentleman that call said he was John Dominick calling from 682-777-2590.

Cristina – Jun 24, 2020

Victim Location 49456

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called my employer a couple times a day say they want to deliver papers I called them they said I owe money from 8 years ago I gave them my debit info they were supposed to email me docu sign papers they never did so I cancelled my bank card think I was scammed

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