Jack –

Victim Location 93637

Type of a scam Employment

I am in the process of searching a job now and 2 weeks ago Alexa Johnson, from ,,Rearock” real estate company, as she introduces herself, contacted me about the position of assistant to real estate management. The first thing which was suspicious is that I tried to find company in internet and there was no information about it at all, another thing is that I applied for a job in California and they were located in New York as she told me, but she explained that they are opening a new office in my area in two weeks. So I would have an online training for 2 weeks and after already would come to the office for work after it’s done. The third suspicious thing was that salary was too high, they said they will pay 2900$ for the training and 5800$ per month for work. On the beginning everything was fine, I was getting different tasks to do on my laptop but one day the task was, to get money on my account from their client who as she said wanted to buy a house in Hollywood and after withdraw those money from my account and send it to their business account, she explained that they want to check my skills in banking, what is a complete lie, because I am studying real estate and I know that it’s illegal to mix professional money from client’s deposits to your private bank account, it call commingling and as a real estate agent you can loose your license for that, so at this moment I completely made sure that it’s a scam, where they send you a fake money which disappear after a few days and instead you send them a real one from your own account.

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