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Rachel –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was contacted by phone first with an offer to buy my timeshare in Mexico (Vidanta). I was told they had a client that wanted to acquire Mayan Palace properties in Mexico. They provided me with a very attractive offer. I was told there were no upfront fees and they only took 5% of the sale price, which was due seven days after I received my funds. When I inquired how I would get the funds, I was told they funds would be put into escrow. I did ask how I would get the funds out of escrow, but he never answered that question. I was asked to send a copy of my contract to verify the terms of my property. I sent a copy with critical information blacked-out. I was also provided a two-page agreement to sign and send back. However, I was suspicious of the "too good to be true" deal, so I wanted to do a little digging before I sent the signed initial contract back (it was not an agreement of sale…..more like a letter of intent). I thought it was strange that no suite number was provided in the company’s address, so I called the landlord of the building to verify if Realty Network, Inc. was a tenant. They told me they had problems with the company and had asked them to remove the address from their website and correspondence, as they were NOT a tenant of the building. I also Googled the agent’s name and came across one real estate agent with the same name in the Boston area. When he called the agent, he said the man would not give him a license number and was rather defensive, which is strange because he gave me a license number. The issue date was September 19, 2018 and it expired November 30, 2020. When I contacted the real estate agent with the same name, he confirmed it was identity theft. This company is very very suspicious.

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