Realty Alliance LLC

Cindy – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 20603

Total money lost $55,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I was contacted by Realty Alliance in August 2019 about buying my timeshare that I have with Unlimited Vacation Club. They assure me that they had an offer and that I would get paid three times the amount that was still owed on the resort. They were very convincing at the time and assure me that I would be funded within a few weeks. However, a few weeks has turned into months and 55,000 out of pocket. Now they are telling me that the Mexican government has gotten involved and is demanding more money before they can refund me my money. At this writing they’re still asking for more money and told me if I refuse my money will be tied up in the Mexican government and that I’ll never get my money back. I’m retired and have taken out loans and used all of my savings and have lost everything. I need any help you can provide me.

Amber –

Victim Location 77433

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Sounds too good to be true? Generally this applies to any unsolicited phone and email offer to buy a timeshare for a very generous price.

Being currently unemployed and short of cash, I was interested enough to pursue this offer for a while. But something in the back of my mind said "too good to be true", and the sales pitch seemed a little bit fishy. They refused to answer my email questions via email, preferring instead to use high pressure phone tactics, fast talk, and avoidance of the real questions.

So I tried BBB, but I am not good with key words. For my first attempt I used and the company name. A site showed up that looked authentic, showed the company was in business 15 years, had no complaints, but NO rating. Hmmm . . . after a while this just didn’t ring true. So I searched on only BBB, and then from the base site searched for the company. OOPS! Now a D+ rating and no evidence of being in business for an extensive time. From there, I linked in to scam reports, and discovered a well documented pattern through four or five phases, and I was about to get to stage two! WHOA buddy! Put on the brakes and bail out before they get to the part where I have to send them money.

Well, now I know better.

David –

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

sales person told me that they have a purchaser for my hotel membership for more than I paid for but I have to obtain a SRE visa permit in Mexico to complete the sale for which I must pay up front US $ 3,194.00 but which I will get reimbursed at completion of sale. I even received confirmation from NY Escrow that the funds have been deposited into a trust account with a Mexican bank. I checked with several Mexican real estate lawyers who confirmed that this is fraud since there is no such requirement for this transaction.

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