Todd –

Victim Location 39501

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a direct message from a LinkedIn connection about being a secret shopper. I expressed interest and completed a short form. Weeks later I received a text message with USPS tracking information. Later that day, I noticed an email from Realshoppers Realshopppers ([email protected]) telling me to watch my mailbox for a CERTIFIED CHECK and secret shopper task. A unprofessional looking letter and a check for $2,900.42 came in a priority envelope from Sandra Gutierrez of Carolina FL Puerto Rico. The check’s signature was Donna A. Bland while a note on the check indicated that the remitter’s name was Richard Fels . I was asked in the letter to spend $2500 at 2 to 3 stores on ebay gift cards. I was to keep $400 as my commission. AND, if I completed the task within 24 to 48 hours, I would get an extra $150. I was asked in the letter to take a pic of the front and back of each ebay gift card purchased (after opening each card and peeling the silver scratch-off area) and keep the cards for the next assignment. I was also asked for the following: store name, address, date and time of visit, the name of the cashier/attendant, did the store clerk thank you upon completion of your purchase, what was your overall experience with the staff in the store, how long it took you to get check out, as well as the captured images of the front and back of the cards. I was to send the images and my responses to [email protected] Regards Mark Jones. I informed them by email that I received the package in the mail. They encouraged me to complete the assignment in less than 24 hours to receive the bonus of $150 and to respond to the email immediately. I responded immediately and told them that I had several problems with the letter and the process AND thought it was a scam. They replied with some long message that was barely understandable (as if English was not their first language).

Things that stood out as problems with this included the the double "s" in the email address; no prior communication before the letter and check was sent; the bad copy of the letter; the quality of the paper that the letter was on; the blurry signature on the check; the format, grammar, and punctuation of the letter; the inconsistent names on the documents, check, envelope, and letter; the .42 of the 2900.42 was never accounted for in the commission payment of $400 and purchase requests of $2500, and it never mentioned how the bonus of $150 would be paid AND the request for pics of the front and back of the ebay gift cards.

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