Realex Studio

Marvin –

Total money lost $580

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I responded to an ad on Kijiji to a person offering logo design packages for businesses. The name he gave me was Gian Carlos (I have no reason to believe this would false) and his Company is Realex Studio. In total I was scammed out of $580. His tactic was this: He tries to sell the full package right away. If you are not comfortable with doing that until you at least see something it’s no problem….he has another way to get you. If you want just the logo it’s only $80, $40 upfront and $40 on delivery. He will deliver on the logo and succeed in getting your trust. Then he tells you that due to the nature of custom design work he must ask for the full amount for the remainder of the package upfront. It will cost another $400 – 800 (approx) and once this money is where he stops returning calls and emails.

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