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Stefanie –

Victim Location 15057

Type of a scam Employment

I received a message that I would be receiving a package with my first assignment and a check to cover the cost of the purchase and my pay for doing the assignment. The assignment instructed me to purchase $2,500 in Ebay Gift Cards. Then I was supposed to scratch something off of the cards, take a photo of them and email the file to Mark Carter at [email protected] Out of curiosity, I took the check to my bank to investigate. The branch manager explained that its likely a scam, even though they provided a legitimate looking business web site (included above). I also checked the legitimacy of the bank the check was originating from. I asked how I could protect myself from the scam, even though I wanted to pursue its validity. They told me I could deposit the check, but do not withdraw any of the money until the hold clears from the check. Interestingly, the check I received was labelled as a Cashiers Check, though it obviously was not. The good news is that it didn’t cost me any money. But, I learned quite a bit about scam tactics.

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