Real Travel

Marcus –

Victim Location 81007

Total money lost $9,204

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were solicited to go to a meeting in Colorado Springs, CO to get a free lunch and get a Visa $50 card. This meeting was to lie to us about getting rid of a timeshare which we could not use due to old age and could not continue to pay the mainenance fees due to being on a fi/xed retirement income. When looking online I found the company had only been organized in Nov, 2018 and now found the filing suit in Jul, 2019 and the owner(s) had several other names doing the same thing with the same address in Bentonville, AR. We lost over $9200 and nothing was ever done and no response from a MyCase wesite and no calls were ever answered.

Sara –

Victim Location 72712

Total money lost $22,000,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

VCS has been working under 2 "so called" Florida Laws HB 453 and HB 7025. They say because of these laws you were to be given a few choices based on these laws (The story is different all depending on when you purchased). One option was to liquidate your property and walk away clean, they required a product called Real Travel Concierge that was a made up product to give you, as the company was informed by their attorneys that they had to give you something tangible since they really were never getting you out. The other product would have been a points program such as True Points through FVVC (Florida Vacation Village Club) or a program through HSI (Allied or Holiday Systems International). Both products promised you an exit out of your time share or even a maintenance fee reimbursement. These programs require long drown out requirements to use if you can even use at all. The company will tell you it will take 6mo-1yr as it limits your possibility to react or in hopes you will forget. VCS receives their leads through marketing companies such "Global" which in turn receives your info by going to the state office and requesting deed info on timeshare owners. They then start calling on an area that they believe to be lucrative. They entice you with terrible food, a gift card of sorts, and/or a tablet that cost them $10 from China. They will tell you they are legit because "we can finance you" through a bank card (Barclays) or other options to where they will actually start mass applying to cards for you until they find one that will work and forge that information. They will try through finacing (Monterey or UGA) or try to collect your own funds, all of these options which they tell you are 0% interest for the longevity of the loan which none of which is true. I have personally witnessed individuals forge signature, apply to credit without your knowledge, and lead you to believe many things that are not true. Many of these individuals have come from the Timeshare industry in which they were terminated for their practices including Brian and Bart. The company will continue to work under alternate aliases rebranding and reinventing their "pitch". All the info they say is from has been skewed to make it seem to harm you. RCI/II/Wyndham has caught on to this scam and has sent out warnings.

Luis –

Victim Location 19474

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Received a colorful mailer to "Learn how to recover 100% of your timeshare’s full purchase price!" Went to the seminar only to be told at the end there is a cost to getting out of your timeshare. This is deceptive marketing.

Craig –

Victim Location 72712

Total money lost $18,262

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Received invitation by mail to come to a dinner to get you out of your time share. Actually they wanted to sell us a vacation package through RCI in addition to getting us out of the time share. We really wanted to get out of our time share so we bought it. We paid $18262.00. We then spoke with other companies that get you out of time shares and realized this was way over priced. we cancelled it on Oct. 7th. We have the call recorded also contacted AT&T and the have it documented we called at 9PM on Oct. 7th. to the number listed in our contract to cancel. We contacted our credit card to tell them we had cancelled.They credited our account. We assumed we were clear, but Real Travel disputed it saying we cancelled a day later and refused to give us our money back. They know that is a lie. We were not notified that they would not refund our money until Nov. 17th. So from Oct. 4th until Nov. 17th we received no communication from Real Travel . Nothing about how to book vacations or getting us out of our time share, because they knew we had cancelled. We contacted another time share exit company and gave them $7000.00 to get us out, which they are doing. I tried many many times to work out something with Real Travel. They said they would see what they could do and call me back but they never did and would not return my calls. So they have $18,262.00 and we have NOTHING!! I guess I should contact BBB in all states because they probably go to every state. Arkansas is supposedly there home office. The salesman contacted us and said they are a reputable company. I said if you are then you should return our money. I asked if he thought it was right that they have $18,262.00 and we have nothing. Started telling me how you have to be careful with these companies most of them will not be able to get you out. I stated they guarantee they will get you out or your money back, which Real Travel will not do. Again stated he would see what he could do and never called me back or returned my call. Avoid them like the plague!!

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